Fly In Your Living Room With The Carbon Butterfly

Carbon Fiber RC Plane

I always wanted a Radio Controlled Airplane when growing up but my parents knew I would break the damn thing on the first day I played with it. So yeah, after all these years I still have not owned a RC aircraft. But now that I’m all grown up and can buy whatever I wish, I’m kind of considering the Carbon Butterfly. The official name is the Indoor Remote Control 3g Carbon Butterfly and it’s designed by Plantraco.

The Carbon Butterfly only weighs in at 3 grams and is capable of pulling off some tight ass turns in some tiny ass rooms. Even if you are terrible at piloting the micro aircraft, the carbon fiber frame will be able to handle the beatings. The Carbon Butterfly is housed in a aluminum briefcase and requires no assembly on your part.

Carbon Butterfly Flight

You only need 4-AA batteries to charge the LP20 Cell and it’s basically ready for flight. The cell will take approximately one hour to fully charge while providing 10 minutes of action packed flight. If you happen to be very particular about how the Carbon Butterfly performs in your home, adjustments can be made as the wing incidence and thrust line are adjustable to a few degrees.

At a $180, the price is a little steep but there are a few things to keep in mind such as the carbon fiber frame and propeller, “Swiss engineered” gearbox, and a very tiny 4mm coreless motor. It also features the world’s lightest R/C receiver and a HingeAct magnetic actuator which only weighs 0.22 grams.

For more details and other micro flying devices, check out Plantraco Microflight.

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