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Best Phuket Beaches for the Discerning Traveller

Photo by Enjosmith

Most tourists go to Phuket for the beaches, so it’s no surprise that this Thai island has some of the best stretches of sand in the world. All the dozens of beaches around Phuket are not created equal, though. Read on for the best Phuket beaches for the discerning traveler.   Patong Beach Perhaps Phuket’s […]

A Snapshop Guide Of Verona, Italy

Photo by Kevin Poh

If you’re deciding where to go this summer, you might just want to consider the rather exquisite Verona. In this cultural and exciting place, you should find many things to interest you during a short stay. If you have yet to see the many wonders of Italy, there is nowhere better to begin that this […]

Seven Reasons Why Amsterdam Is Perfect For The Cultured Man

Photo by Qiou87

Amsterdam is more than smoking weed and getting stoned. It’s an amazing city that is full of culture and attractions that every man should see if they get the chance. But, for the cultured man, Amsterdam is a must. Being cultured is all about broadening your horizons and visiting different countries to experience their customs […]

Brocationing in Arizona

Photo by Nervys Evans

Summer is here and many of us are looking for a great place to unwind and have an adventure with our closet buddies. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or an urban escape, a weekend stay or a week-long trip, Arizona offers a wide-range of activities and landscapes. A few of the best […]

Don’t Know About Uber? You Should, Here’s Why…

Photo by Derek Clark

Uber is a car service that lets you request a private car using an app on your Apple, Android, or Windows device. You can request different levels of service from Uber including uberX, which runs ordinary cars, UberSUV, which sends a larger vehicle, and UberBLACK, which is for high-end luxury vehicles. How Uber Works The […]

Seeing a Bullfight While Visiting Barcelona

Photo by Enrique Dans

If you have decided to travel to Barcelona, Spain, then you have chosen one of the best places to visit in the entire country. However, there is one thing you may not be aware of: although Spain is known worldwide for their bullfighting, you will not see it in Barcelona. This tradition in Spain was […]

Adrenaline Rush Ideas For The Summer


Every once in a while I feel like doing something which my mother would consider stupid. An example of such “stupidity” would be bungee jumping. For some reason, I feel that I need an adrenaline rush in the warmer months while hibernating is the activity of choice for those cold winter months. There are tons […]