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Time and mobility are the currency of the new rich. The world is a big, beautiful place; it's time you went out and saw it. If you're looking for the craziest, most exotic travel destinations, or just a great restaurant in your neck of the woods, then come join us for a little adventure.

The world is your oyster.

Creating Your Home Away From Home


If you’ve been following Unfinished Man for any amount of time, perhaps you’ve read a few of my articles. I’ve covered a wide range of topics, but what you might not realize is that I essentially travel for a living. You see, I’m an entrepreneur, and though my home is in the United States, much […]

Luxury Travel for the Super Rich

Photo by Jono Haysom

Some vacationers prefer to reach their destination as fast as possible; however, numerous travelers find the journey itself is one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. Affluent travelers seeking unique experiences and adventure should consider the following locations and travel venues: Yachting in St. Tropez Ever since the days of Brigitte Bardot, wealthy […]

Why Costa Rica is an Awesome Place to Visit

Photo by Beth Rankin

Like most men, the thing I want most out of a vacation is a cold drink and some relaxation but I have to admit that even that, hard as it is to believe, can get old after five or six days. That’s why these days when I am looking for a great place to visit, […]

Five Bachelor Party Alternatives to Vegas

Photo by Shawn Carpenter

Now that you have proposed and the wedding date is set, it is time to plan the best ever stag do. You are committing the rest of your life to that one special woman. Before that happens, you get one last splash out part. You know Las Vegas is over done and has become a […]

Riding the winds of Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Photo Credit: Jon Bunting

The splendid city of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is very popular for its fascinating beaches. Many tourists flock here for the powerful winds, which are just perfect for kite surfing and windsurfing. If you just want to lounge around and check out the scenery and scantily clad women, the city is also famous for […]

Watch Footage of an Eagle’s POV as it Descends From the Burj Khalifa


Have you ever seen the Burj Khalifa tower? It’s one of two massive towers in Dubai (the other is called the Burj Al Arab) that have been featured in everything from movies like Mission Impossible, to articles right here on Unfinished Man. They’re massive, beautiful, engineering marvels, and though the photos from the top are […]

Travelling to Chicago? Here are the 4 Best Blues Bars in the City

Blue Chicago lounge

The perfect storm of events helped to make Chicago one of the blues capitals of the world. In the 1920s there was an increase in musical recording and live performances. Combine that with the Great Migration from the South to the Midwest, and the location of Chicago on the train just after Memphis, and it’s […]