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Visiting Cambridge? Five Tips for an A+ Trip

Photo by Nietnagel

Not just any college town, Cambridge is home to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bordering the Charles River, Cambridge is also conveniently located for travelers looking to explore neighboring downtown Boston. Here are tips that will guarantee you an A+ trip. Tour World-Famous Colleges Cambridge borders the larger town of […]

How to Really Enjoy Your Vacation — Maximizing Experiences and Avoiding Stress

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I’ve written dozens of articles on packing light, organizing vacations or daycations, and dozens more highlighting beautiful places to spend your vacation. We have a whole travel section full of this stuff. I’ve reminded you countless times to make a travel checklist to avoid forgetting your passport and travel insurance, be it through a regional […]

Use Technology to Plan a Playful Vacation


Children love summer vacation because it’s a magical time centered around non-stop play. We grown-ups have a tendency to worry about how to manage all the details when imagining an adventure. We work too hard and researchers say that most of us think about work during free time or even when having sex! It’s time to change all […]

Festivals for Brothers – The Best Beach Festivals in the World


Every half-decent group of friends goes on holidays together. Sometimes camping, sometimes to warm and exotic locations, and sometimes just to festivals. You and your band of brothers escape from the monotony of everyday life and go wild either abroad or in town. However, we all have that one friend that whines about camping and […]

Planning YOUR Trip to the World Cup… Sort of…


The countdown to the World Cup is at hand! For World Cup novices, this football (soccer) tournament has been held every four years – since 1930!  It’s the world’s most-awaited sporting event. Previous World Cup hosts have included the United States, France, South Africa, and Germany. This year, Brazil is the host! And sports writers […]

Rugged, Adrenalin-Packed Diving Vacations in Asia


Asia offers some of the world’s most beautiful destinations for diving. For experienced divers, the adrenalin rush of exploring the natural underwater beauty of the region is unparalleled! There’s nothing like it on earth: Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia), Mergiu Archipelago (Myanmar), Raja Ampat Islands (Indonesia), Komodo Island (Indonesia), Tulamben, Bali (Indonesia), Andaman Islands (India), and Kerama […]