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When it comes to romance, most men are completely inept. Whether it's from bad advice or simple lack of experience, we're here to help. Wondering where the best places are to meet cute women your age? Wondering what topics you should avoid on a date? We've gone through it all ourselves, and we're here to share every embarrassing moment with you. Maybe some of it will even help.

Swedish Model Tilda Lindstam Has a Great Sense of Humor


When I think of models, especially runway models, the first thing that comes to mind is… well, let’s just say it’s not humor. I’ve never seen a runway model that looked particularly enthusiastic or even happy, and I have a feeling I’m not too far off the mark on that one. After all, who really […]

How to Date a Girl Who Has a Boyfriend

Photo by Helga Weber

It is not a quite exceptional case if you like a girl who already has a boyfriend. And if you find yourself in this awkward position, you are definitely not alone. If your feelings about this girls are serious, you should bend every effort to win her heart. There is nothing bad in stealing someone […]

How Free Dating Sites and Dating Apps Are Affecting our Relationships


In practically every town, city and country, folks are allowing technology to intrude upon their relationships, even their sex lives. But in the real world, our digital obsession is harming our love lives. Our Obsession With Device Technologies It seems apparent that growing numbers of people are having deeper relationships with their smart phones and […]

How To Make Yourself Extra Alluring For Your Date

Photo by Courtney Carmody

Got a big date coming up? You better be prepared. You want to impress your date. Better yet, you want to turn up the allure big-time. If this is someone you’re getting serious with, you want to show them that. Even if you aren’t getting serious, it can’t help to take things up a notch […]

How to Prepare For A Hot Date

Photo by Georgie Pauwels

Most men know that meeting a lady for a date requires some preparation. You have already met the woman once, and now she is willing to take things a little further. That is great news for you because it means you might get more excitement in your life. With that in mind, we’ve come up […]

Shocking 1970s Sexploitation Posters


If I’m being honest here, these posters are anything but shocking. If you know anything about the 1970s, it’s that the decade was full of bad hair, bad clothes, and some very, very bad girls. At least, that’s what these posters would have you believe. Naughty girls, bad puns, and unbelievable situations. These qualities were […]

Dating On A Tight Budget

Photo by 
Sascha Kohlmann

Dating is usually an activity associated with spending lots and lots of money. From getting prepared to look the part, going to the cinema or restaurant, to paying for the cab ride home; finding new partners will often set our savings back. For better or worse, we often feel the need to spend in order […]