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When it comes to romance, most men are completely inept. Whether it's from bad advice or simple lack of experience, we're here to help. Wondering where the best places are to meet cute women your age? Wondering what topics you should avoid on a date? We've gone through it all ourselves, and we're here to share every embarrassing moment with you. Maybe some of it will even help.

How to Choose an Awesome Engagement Ring


Deciding to ask their girlfriend to marry them is one of the biggest decisions that most men make in their lives. Once the decision is made, now comes the challenge of finding the right engagement ring. Most girlfriends will love any engagement ring their boyfriends purchase. However, no one wants their girlfriend to “kind of […]

Wonderfully Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards for Nerdy Couples


In just a few days it’s going to be Valentines Day all over again. I can never remember what day this romantic holiday falls on (pro tip: it’s always the 14th of February,) and so every year I’m taken by surprise. But not this year! At least, not quite so much. Though I didn’t book […]

Is Engaging an Escort on Your Bucket List?

Photo by Chad Rogers

One of my friends went on holiday to London after a breakup with his special someone. He called me yesterday to say, “I’ve fulfilled one of the items on my bucket list—I called an escort service and it was every bit as delicious as my fantasies!” In some ways I couldn’t believe my ears. This […]

The Story of the Fleshlight Empire

Photo by Sugar & Vice

If you were born in the last 30 years, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least heard of Fleshlight before. No? Then I’ve probably just made your day. You see, it’s a lifelike vagina-in-a-can that you can use to, well… I’m pretty sure you can imagine what a person would do with that. It’s […]

Getting Engaged? Read This!

Photo by 3DPete

It’s that time of year again and, as everyone knows by now, my special someone finally proposed marriage. I was beginning to wonder if my ever-so-organized beloved would ask me to marry him, but I’m engaged at long last! These words aren’t a complaint of any sort because I’m old enough to understand the importance […]

Drone Boning — This NSFW “Drone Porn” is Oddly Beautiful


I’m not surprised to see this, and I expect that you aren’t either. Someone has finally shot some “porn” using a drone, and I’ve got to say… it’s oddly beautiful. Actually, maybe beautiful is too strong a word. It’s oddly scenic and not-porn-like. It’s like watching any one of the number of drone videos we’ve […]