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When it comes to romance, most men are completely inept. Whether it's from bad advice or simple lack of experience, we're here to help. Wondering where the best places are to meet cute women your age? Wondering what topics you should avoid on a date? We've gone through it all ourselves, and we're here to share every embarrassing moment with you. Maybe some of it will even help.

The Jedi Path to Long-lasting Passion

Photo by Ricky Brigante

This one concerns a topic that’s as old as the hills. Not much of an opening line is it? But that’s the point here. When things are too familiar and predictable it’s not that easy to get excited by them. So let’s talk about sex. That’s a bit more like it isn’t it? The thing […]

Want More Oral Sex? Give Generously!

sandra bullock

Oral sex is something many men say they don’t get enough of. Male friends complain it’s just not like the movies where women love giving random acts of pleasure. They say, when it happens, it’s so pleasurable that it’s also over way too soon! These complaints got me thinking about why men aren’t getting the […]

Should We Legalize the World’s Oldest Profession Globally?

Photo by Vittorio Sciosia

People have been selling sex since the dawn of time… it’s one of the world’s oldest professions. Even before the evolution of modern man, I suspect that our cousins – the non-human primates – were exchanging nuts and seeds for sexual gratification. Yes, humans have been doing this for a long, long time. The services […]

7 Simple Ways to Show Her Your Love

Photo by Stefan Buchholz

While love is often talked about, showing your love can be something which is quite difficult to do especially if you are a man. Although, there are guys who do not have problems in showing and telling their women their feelings, there are many who can use some ideas on how to go about the […]

Autoblow 2 – Realistic Oral Sex Simulator For Men

blow job simulator machine

The sex toy industry seems to be specifically catered towards women but men still get some of the action. The only mainstream sex toy that I know about that is intended for men is the Fleshlight which we wrote about a while back. The Fleshlight is apparently as close as it gets to the female […]

What’s an Escort? A New Spin on an Age Old Profession

Photo by Melissa Segal

Yesterday a friend in Canada told me about some escort services that he uses sometimes. Pretty racy! Prostitution is legal there, but it’s illegal to solicit for sex…so, escort services apparently offer that level of protection… and he gets around. The conversation got me thinking about escorts. I guess I’ve always wondered, are escorts really prostitutes? My […]