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The invention of the wheel was one of humanity's greatest achievements. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings, and where once there were horse drawn carriages, now where are super cars. If you share our passion for fast cars, then stick around. We cover everything from concept cars to super cars, and even a bit of aftermarket car turning for good measure. Oh, and did we mention that we love auto show girls?

We like our cars fast, and our women even faster.

Most Economical Business Cars of 2015


Some of the cars available on the market are now incredibly efficient- and that’s good for business users. Innovation in the car industry has led to the production of some highly economical cars with impressive MPG stats in recent years, so there’s never been a better time to look at a new fleet or business […]

The Ultimate Status Symbol: How the Modern Gentleman Affords a Supercar


Few assets in life are as extravagant and impressive as a supercar. These hugely expensive vehicles are designed to be both machines of exceptional performance, and beautiful works of art. They’re something that a great many people will aspire to have, but only those that work the hardest will be able to acquire one. That […]

Topless Fun: Ferrari 488 Spider


Hubba hubba Ferrari!!! If you’re a fan of the Ferrari 488 GTB, then you’re going to absolutely love the 488 Spider. I think the drop top 488 looks even better than the coupe, and in that blue… oh my my!! This car is absolutely hot hot hot!!! Based on the 488 GTB, the 488 Spider […]

2015 Honda Pilot Review


The 2015 Honda Pilot is the oldest model currently being offered by the Japanese automaker; the current (second) generation Honda Pilot was introduced in 2009. But for 2016, Honda has introduced an all-new sleeker looking Pilot, which should be on sale now or soon. The 2015 Honda Pilot is offered in five trims in Canada, […]

2015 Honda CR-V Touring Review


The Honda CR-V is to the CUV market, what the Honda Civic is to the small car market. Like the Civic, the CR-V can be found pretty much anywhere on a road or in a parking lot in North America. It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, CUV in Canada. […]

2015 Acura MDX Elite Review


The third generation Acura MDX was introduced as a 2014 model, it has been a popular vehicle for Acura since it was first introduced in 2000 as the first luxury SUV with three rows of seats. The MDX (which stands for “Multi-Dimensional luxury”), can be found in any parking lot in Vancouver, it’s a very […]

2016 Acura ILX A Spec Review


The ILX is the smallest car produced by Acura, introduced in 2012 as a 2013 model; replacing the Acura CSX (not available in the USA). Like its predecessor, the Acura ILX is based on the Honda Civic, but unlike its predecessor, it is available in the United States and it doesn’t look like just a […]