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Like most men, we have an absolute passion for all things related to fast cars and everything that goes with them. We write about concept cars, production cars, aftermarket car tuning parts and most importantly, auto show car girls. We like our cars fast and our women even faster.

all-new Jaguar XE

Jaguar has been on quite a roll these last few years and the Unfinished Man team has actually test driven the Jaguar XF-R, various trims of the XJ, the XK-R, and the F-Type S. And now the company has its sights set on the BMW 3-Series with its all-new Jaguar XE which is expected to [...]

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Thumbnail

Land Rover has been updating their vehicle lineup over the last few years which started with the Evoque a few years ago and the introduction of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport recently. The next vehicle to get a complete makeover will probably be the Discovery or LR4, as it’s referred to in North [...]

long road trip

Those of us in search of a car want to get approved for a car loan. Perhaps worries about getting approved actually keep us from getting behind the wheel. That’s the equivalent of lost freedom at work or play. That’s also lost vacations and road trips… Don’t agree to stay homebound! That’s unacceptable! Anyone with [...]

all-new kia sedona

The previous generation Kia Sedona was in need of a major facelift and after many delays, the all-new 2015 Kia Sedona has finally shown its face and is ready to greet everyone at the New York Auto Show. Also known as the Kia Carnival in Europe and other parts of the world, the vehicle has [...]

Range Rover Hybrid: An Environmentally Friendly Land Rover? Thumbnail

When you think Land Rover, you think bike and heavy off-road capable vehicles that are very thirsty for gasoline. But times are changing and governments around the world are looking to carmakers and demanding more fuel efficient vehicles that produce even less CO2 emissions. You’d think some of the more exotic carmakers would be exempt [...]

grand cherokee ecodiesel trail warrior

Yesterday I talked about three modified Jeep Wranglers for the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari and today I'll shed some light on the two Jeep Cherokees and one Jeep Grand Cherokee. As mentioned in the previous post, Jeep and Mopar have been getting together to come up with concepts since 2002 and many of the design [...]

Lexus NX CUV – From Concept to Production Thumbnail

Last year we wrote about the Lexus LF-NX concept, a CUV I thought was too “different” looking to make it into production. Well, I was wrong, here’s the production version of the concept, called the Lexus NX. Unlike most people, I actually liked the LF-NX concept (minus the massive grill at the front), it was [...]

Mopar Blue Wrangler Max

For the past 12 years, Jeep and Mopar have come together to develop more than 40 different concept studies for the annual Easter Jeep Safari off-road event which takes place in Moab, Utah. We wrote about the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari and the vehicles they decide to work on changes every year. This year, we [...]

Bentley Mulsanne Hybrid

The Bentley Mulsanne is not really a “looker”, but it is an ultra-luxurious car and for that reason I really want one; it’s kind of like the G-Wagon, you just want one because it’s a G-Wagon. It’s a car that demands respect and with the new Mulsanne Hybrid (concept), even people like David Suzuki will [...]

FT-1 concept

Some people absolutely love it while others can't stand the sight of the Toyota FT-1. We haven't really mentioned anything about the new Toyota FT-1 concept seen here but it's one sexy ride and Toyota fans are hoping it is the next Supra or at the very least, a Supra replacement. Judging by the looks [...]