Blandito – Transformable Furniture Pad for Lazy Living

blandito transformable furniture pad

Want a multi purpose piece of man cave furniture that won’t give you cancer or cause a huge uproar with suburban moms? Then the Blandito is for you: use it for any form of lounging or wanking, since it’s easily convertible into dozens of furniture configurations. The name is absolutely ridiculous, but in my head it’s a combination of ‘blanket’ and ‘burrito,’ and those are some of my favourite things. 

Blandito – Transformable Furniture Pad for Lazy Living

blandito transformable furniture pad
The idea behind the Blandito is actually a great one- Imagine a sofa… but “what if this sofa had no legs? Neither arms, nor back? If it was a big pillow? And if this pillow could be folded, wrapped, twisted as much as you like? And if it was 360° useful?” The fuzzy mattress features a flexible frame, so there’s absolutely nothing in it that can cause discomfort. And on the chance that you do terrible things on it, or spill your nachos and Mountain Dew Code Red, the cover can be taken off and is machine washable. I especially like their marketing strategies with suggestive wording- either you’re happily shacked up getting all the sex, or SO ALONE. Don’t worry, your giant skinned Muppet will hug you to sleep.

blandito transformable furniture pad

The Blandito has already gone into a limited run and become a runaway success. It’s now going into mass production, so if you want some lazy living for your home, get on the mailing list by emailing [email protected], or check out the Oradaria Design home page here.


  1. Aline says


    How do I do to buy it?
    It seems to be a new product and not easy to find in stores.
    Please let me know!



  2. Khartou says

    Very disappointing that you advertise a new product, then you tell everyone that it is not available….I call this false advertising!

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