Best. Christmas Present. EVER. – The Star Wars Hoth Toy Collection

Hoth Box 1


Merry Christmas everyone! I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their presents as much as I am! To be honest, I’ve never really been a big fan of Christmas. But if there was ever a year to dissuade me, this year has got to be it. Being in my late 20’s, I wasn’t expecting much for gifts and my parents and I don’t exchange gifts…let’s just say because of one Christmas after too much…’holiday cheer’. So you can imagine much to my surprise when a coworker decided bust out one hell of a Christmas gift and get me the new Hasbro Star Wars AT-AT!

Of course, I couldn’t help myself. So when I was out shopping this last week, I just had to pick up some ‘additions’ to accent the huge ass Walker. So, let’s unbox these suckers!

What I Got:

  • Imperial AT-AT
  • Defense of Hoth Battle Pack: AntiVehicle Cannon, Laser Tower, K3PO, 2x Rebel Troopers
  • Attack of Hoth Battle Pack: Hoth AT-ST, EWeb Cannon, AT-ST Driver, 2x Snowtroopers
  • Rebel Snowspeeder
  • Dack Ralter

As you can tell, they really packed this Walker in tight. The box itself is pretty huge, so you can imagine how much bigger it actually gets.




After all that, I have no flipping idea where the heck this goes! I think it’s part of the ladder inside but I can’t figure it out.
EDIT: I figured it’s an extra rear flap for the snowspeeder that just happened to get into my box.



OMG! K-3PO! Just what I always… wait, who the heck is K-3PO? Seriously Hasbro, you really needed to include this guy and his wicked stash.





Ya that’s right..I got Dack. My only gripe with the snowspeeder is that it didn’t come with Luke in snow speeder gear. Whoever had approved that should be hung up in a Wampa cave.


You’d be amazed how long it took me to balance the damn AT-ST.



K-3PO’s tactical abilities earned him a position with Alliance High Command.


“Oh god. I think I just threw up in my snowtrooper helmet. Can sith sense vomit?”
[Source: Kevin]


This Rebel Trooper’s beard is so tough, it can make a tauntaun purr. Too bad the googles do nothing.


Dack was always a fan of the trap door.


Heck ya the front guns light up! The sounds off this thing are epic.


Imperial AT-AT Driver’s Facebook status states, “has got a pair of blue Death Stars thanks to Admiral Ozzel coming too close the system again.”






Damn yoooou, Daaaaaack!



What needs work:

  • AT-AT head is a really tricky to move sideways.
  • AT-ST that doesn’t require an Engineering degree to figure out how to balance the damn thing.
  • Come on! Only 1 figure with the AT-AT? How bout at least a General Veers figure!
  • Snowspeeder Luke to go with the Snowspeeder.
  • The tactical advatages of K-3PO in the Defense Pack are overemphasized compared to the battlefield commander with the epic mustache.

In the end, the Hoth collection is a pretty awesome gift for any Star Wars fan. However, if price is an issue there are always cheaper alternatives to give as gift to make any fan jump with joy.


But all jokes aside, Christmas should be another reminder to be thankful for everything and help those truly in need.

A charity that holds a place in my heart is Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. They provide specialized pediatric palliative care for children living with a life-threatening illness and support for their families throughout British Columbia. Please Donate!

In fact, if you help me expand my Hoth Collection, be it a Star Wars Hoth toy you don’t want anymore or really want to get rid of because of a undeserving child, significant other, or ex, I will match your donation with a monetary contribution to the Canuck Place….to the best of my finanical ability. Can’t promise anything if the whole internet starts sending me stuff. But, I will do my best.


This entire wall of my apartment will be dedicated to the campaign, which I’m calling the Hope of Hoth Wall Campaign. The plan is to set up shelving to display the toys and perhaps some other decorations.

Honestly, I really don’t need more toys in my apartment so go to the Canuck Place website and dontate.

Have a Merry Christmas!

– Mike
UnFinished Man
[email protected]


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