Makeup Skills – Work of Laura Jenkinson

Genie lip art

Makeup can do wonders for the skin taking your everyday person and completely transforming the look of a person. I think we’ve all seen photographs of celebrities with and without makeup and the differences are pretty amazing. Even a few weeks ago, I showed you guys a video with men trying on makeup for the […]

Tips For Everyday Savings

piggy bank savings

When you’re working and making an average or above average income, sometimes it’s nice to spend money just because you can. I’m usually pretty good with money but for some reason, getting take-away food is my enemy. I know I have better food waiting for me at home yet I still purchase restaurant food. And […]

Mazda MX-5 Miata ‘Super 200′ By BBR

200 horsepower Mazda Miata

Not long ago, the Unfinished Man team got a chance to test drive the Mazda MX-5 Miata for a week. It was a fun little car and our complaints about the vehicle was the $40,000 price tag in Canada and the 167 horsepower which really needs to be increased. In our review, we wished that […]

306 Horsepower Audi S1 By ABT-Sportsline

Audi S1 tuned by ABT

We’ve written about the little Audi A1 pocket rocket in the past and the idea of of a luxury vehicle in a compact size is fine by us. Unfortunately, the Audi A1 is not available here on the North American shores. Perhaps they’ll bring it eventually since the sales of small cars are on the […]

The KeySmart 2.0 – Holds Up To a 100 Keys In One Place

KeySmart key holder

I’d like to think that I’m not one to complain about the small things in life but everybody complains, it’s natural. One of those annoying things that I deal with on a daily basis but never really do anything about is my key chain and the number of keys I carry around with me. They […]

Bollywood Directors – The Stars Behind The Films

actors of Bollywood

Although I’m not from India, I watch (with subtitles) a couple of Bollywood movies every few months. Some may be blatant knock-offs of Hollywood films but most are “original” ideas and concepts. When you watch a Bollywood film, regardless of what genre of film it is, the movie will almost always have a romance and […]

Threadsmiths Cavalier – Water And Dirt Repelling T-Shirt

water and dirt repelling t-shirt

A while back, I wrote about the Ultra-Ever Dry which is Nissan’s dirt resistant nano-paint technology. That paint used by Nissan is pretty amazing and will keep your car looking clean but what if the same idea can also be implemented for clothing? I’m sure many people have thought of the idea for decades but […]