Show Your #newcarface For A Chance To Win Big

#newcarface contest

Sponsored by promoting the #newcarface contest Most of us here in North America have been car shopping at some point in our life whether it was in search of our dream classic car or something new for the family. My very first new car experience was back in 2007 when I purchased was a […]

MOTA SmartRing – Notifications At Your Fingertips

smart ring by MOTA

We have too many “smart things” these days with fancy gadgets such as the Google Glass, smart phones, smart watches, and we now even have smart rings. Yes, a ring that goes on your finger and does various “smart” activities. I’m not even that old and I kind of miss the “good ol’ days” when […]

Honda Civic Type R With 280+ Horsepower

new Civic Type R concept vehicle

I’ve personally never really been a fan of the Honda Civic thanks to the aftermarket tuning industry and the terrible modifications people have applied to the vehicle in the late 1990’s and most of the 2000’s. Terrible modifications such as the massive spoilers, god awful V-Tec stickers, and those “fart can mufflers” the size of […]

Hyundai Joins The Cargo Van Ranks – Hyundai H350

hyundai cargo van h350

South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai, has been on a roll and taking significant market share away from the competition over the last decade or so. And the company now has its sights set on the commercial van industry over in Europe. The Hyundai H350 van made its debut at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in […]

The Future Is Now – Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

Future Truck 2025 by Mercedes

Just for fun, my wife and I from time to time discuss the idea of me becoming a truck driver and traveling across North America while she tags along. It’s certainly not something we would seriously consider but I’m sure there are couples (with no kids) out there who are probably doing something like this. […]

Volkswagen T6 Transporter Tristar Concept

VW Tristar Concept truck

In today’s North America, Volkswagen is not really known for their Transporter van series, camper vans, or the Amarok truck the company manufactures but it’s a different story in Europe. Today, Volkswagen unveiled the next-generation T6 Transporter (van) as the Tristar Concept at the International Commercial Vehicle show (IAA) in Hannover, Germany. The T6 Transporter […]

Billetus – Super Strong Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet

billetus minimus wallet

We’ve done reviews on numerous wallets in the past including interesting ones such as the Backslider Anti-Surveillance RFID Blocking wallet and the ultra-thin Yasutomo Wa-Ben wallet made out of Cuben which is used in sails for boats. We’ve also reviewed various leather wallets but the one we’ll be briefly looking at is not yet available […]