Billetus – Super Strong Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet

billetus minimus wallet

We’ve done reviews on numerous wallets in the past including interesting ones such as the Backslider Anti-Surveillance RFID Blocking wallet and the ultra-thin Yasutomo Wa-Ben wallet made out of Cuben which is used in sails for boats. We’ve also reviewed various leather wallets but the one we’ll be briefly looking at is not yet available […]

Opel Adam S – Battle Of The Hatchbacks

Adam S by Opel

I wrote about the Opel Adam a while back and its similarities to the Fiat 500. In my opinion, the Adam is a better looking vehicle on the inside and exterior. What the Opel Adam was missing all this time was a performance oriented model similar to the Fiat 500 Abarth. But Opel has no […]

A Look Into The Future: Renault EOLAB Concept

Renault EOLAB fuel efficient car

Here is a concept vehicle that looks a bit further into the future than most concepts. The Renault EOLAB Concept previews a feasible B-segment car for within the next decade. According to Renault, this sub-compact model incorporates close to a 100 innovations which will gradually find their way onto production cars before 2020. The strange […]

577 Horsepower Holden HSV GTS Maloo


If you’ve ever been to Australia, chances are that you’ve seen the Holden Ute and Ford Falcon Ute on the road in practically every city there is in Australia. I was told by my Australian side of the family that these vehicles are popular these days because of tax breaks when registered as “work vehicles”. […]

Stool School – What Happens After You Flush The Toilet

cartoon poo drawing

I may be considered a “strange one” by some but I don’t think it’s strange to wonder about exactly what happens after you flush the toilet at home, work, or some public washroom. During biology class in high school, we talked about every topic possible when it came to the human body but everybody including […]

Cliff House Concept by Modscape

five-storey cliff house

Everybody wants an ocean view home but the problem with many of them is the fact that parts of the view are generally obstructed by something. That “something” can be another home, trees, or even utility poles. The Cliff House is a pretty unique and awesome concept created by an Australian based company called Modscape. […]

Coffee On The Go – GSI Outdoors Javamill And Java Press

coffee press for camping

GSI Outdoors is a company devoted to improving the outdoor experience. Although I’m decidedly not the outdoors type, like many of you reading this, I can’t start my day without a solid cup of coffee… or several! GSI Outdoors was kind enough to provide us with a combination Javamill and Javapress for testing. The GSI […]