The New Car Technology Mercedes Are Coming Up With Is Mind-Blowing

Photo by Fabio Aro

The next generation of car technology is truly breathtaking. You’ve all heard the rumours about self-driving vehicles, right? Well, it’s more than just rumors. Even Google and Apple are getting in on the action, developing their unique autonomous vehicles. However, in the real world of commercial cars, it’s Mercedes that are leading the field. They […]

Lumos – Bicycle Helmet For The Modern Cyclist


Where I live, people are fairly active and it’s very common to see bicyclists. Although cycling has its benefits, it can also be dangerous when you’re only feet away from moving cars and trucks. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and it rains quite a bit here. And constant rain and cycling can be a bad […]

5 Hobbies I Want To Take Up Just to Impress My Friends At Parties


There comes a time in a man’s life when his style of party tricks just has to change. When you’re young, they usually involve…well, I think you know what I’m saying. But as you get older and (supposedly) more mature, it’s time to kick those well into touch. Unless you’re my friend Steve, who still […]

5 Steps For The Perfect Weekend Getaway


Vacations are one of the best parts of modern day life. While we all like to get away for an extended holiday from time to time, the short-term break has played an increasingly common role in recent years. In my two years of marriage, my wife and I have not had the opportunity to go […]

M5 E-Scooter by EcoReco


We’ve written about a number of different styles of scooters over the years. We’ve already seen the EcoReco M3 E-Scooter and the company has now released a new model called the M5 E-Scooter. The EcoReco M5 E-Scooter is based on the M3 model but the company has made a few changes, added a bit of […]

Kjaro The Next Umbrella – For Urban Travelers


I appreciate the protection an umbrella has to offer when it rains but after the rain has stopped or I’m at my destination, I still have a wet umbrella to deal with. Let’s be honest, nobody like carrying around a wet umbrella. I have seen some umbrellas that catch water but it looks pretty ridiculous […]

Vortex Bladeless – Wind Turbine Without The Blades


The majority of us rely heavily on fossil fuels to power our world but there are many people that are trying to do their part to make changes and go green whether it’s reducing use of fossil fuels, using green energy, or even water conservation . My in-laws in Australia for example installed solar panels […]