Blade Buddy – Razor Blade Sharpener

disposable razor blade sharpener

I don’t really shave these days and I’m kind of working on growing a beard. But I used to shave every two days becasue of my job and let me tell you that it was a total pain in the ass. I really, really dislike shaving my face. My skin is on the sensitive side […]

Cohiba Cigars – A Legend Thanks To Fidel Castro

Castro smoking a Cohiba Cigar

When it comes to smoking, I usually stick to flavored herbal shisha for the most part and sometimes e-cigarettes. Normal cigarettes on the other hand are a no go for me while the occasional cigar is enjoyed after small personal victories like winning in Vegas for example. The first “cigar” I ever tried was strawberry […]

Updated Ford Ranger Unveiled And America Won’t Get It

2016 ford ranger updated

The Nissan Frontier and Ford Ranger have always been favorites when it comes to small pickup trucks. The Ford Ranger is no more in the US and Canada while the Nissan Frontier has become less attractive over the years. The Ford Ranger is alive and well in many other countries though and Ford has just […]

Fab Fours Legend Concept Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

fab fours legend jeep wrangler

I’m starting to like Jeep Wranglers a lot more these days and I love seeing new ideas being applied to this off-road legend. I think my love for the vehicle grew once Jeep introduced a four-door model. This new model made it more practical and a wider audience was now interested in a segment of […]

Awesome Ways To Get Rid Of Your Car

car gets blown up

Some of you reading this may currently own or may have owned a vehicle in the past that was simply sitting in your backyard or garage, collecting dust and taking up valuable space. If you have a huge property, it wouldn’t really be an issue but not all of us are fortunate to live on […]