Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster For The Bachelor

hotdog toaster oven

I personally do not like hotdogs unless it’s loaded up with tons of flavor and has different ingredients to provide textures that cover up that “snap” that hotdogs are known for. Maybe it’s just me but I absolutely cannot stand the texture once you bite into it. I’ve had some fancy gourmet hot dogs and […]

Gourmet Paper Mache – Awesome Paper Mache Projects

gourmet paper mache

I haven’t thought about paper mache or “papier mâché” since the fourth grade but now that I’m reminded of it, I do have some fond memories of creating a big mess and making ugly projects. I thought playing with paper mache was something that kids of the 90’s did but as per usual, I was […]

Whisky And Shoes – Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue

booze shoes johnnie walker

Just last week, I wrote about the Hydro-Tech Air Conditioned shoes which are perfect for the summer and an excellent way to get rid of that terrible and sweaty odor from your shoes. The Johnnie Tan Leather Brogue are yet another pair of shoes but this pair are intended for something a little different. High-end […]

Kormaran – A New Class Of Watercraft

kormaran 3-in-1 boat

We’ve written about a number of boats from mega yachts to unique water craft over the years. I recently wrote about the Quadrofoil Q2S which resembles a sports car for the water but I think I may have come across something even more awesome. If the Quadrofoil is a sports car then the Kormaran is […]

Beastly Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG By Mansory

Mansory S63 AMG

In stock form, the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG is already a powerful machine at 577 horsepower but some owners are not so easily impressed. In the tuning world, it’s a tit for tat type of game when it comes to laying down massive numbers on the dyno. Brabus will increase the power to over 800hp and […]

You Are Never Too Young For A Living Trust

advantage of living trust

When someone close to us passes away, we all reflect on life and what our purpose here on earth is. Some people look to religion and believe in the hereafter, some are spiritual, and then there are some who believe there is nothingness after death. Whatever your belief, the fact of the matter is that […]

Hydro-Tech Cool Breeze Shoes – Air Conditioned Shoes

air conditioned shoes

I have a thing against stinky feet but I think it’s safe to say that most people do including those who have fetishes for feet. I’ve written about ways to get rid of odor from shoes in the past but here is another interesting product that might help the situation while keeping your feet cool. […]