Tiwal 3.2 – Inflatable Sailing Dinghy

inflatable sail boat

I’ve never been a fan of the water and probably never will be, but it doesn’t stop me from making the occasional trip out into the lake or hanging out beach side. I see a lot of brave people out in the distance either swimming far from shore, kayaking, or enjoying their sailing. I don’t […]

Mazda2 Officially Unveiled And Looking Great

all-new mazda2

We’ve been reviewing a lot of Mazda vehicles recently but the one we haven’t had an opportunity to take out for a test drive is the current model of the Mazda2. The company has officially unveiled the 2015 Mazda2 which is set to hit showroom floors in the final quarter of this year. There have […]

Dirty Car Art By Scott Wade

da vinchi of dust

In my younger years, I was never much of a trouble maker. And my idea of being “bad” was something along the lines of writing “wash me” on a super dirty car. Yeah, I was a pretty boring kid. Believe it or not but artist Scott Wade has turned his love of writing on dirty […]

First Time Camping? Must Have Camping Items

camping in wilderness

I didn’t always enjoy camping but people change over time and this activity is now one of those things I look forward to each summer. In the past, I’ve always been camping with my friends who are “professionals” at it and I would usually end up borrowing most of the equipment from them since they […]

Boosted Board – Electric Skateboard

electric skateboards

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the Marbel Board which is the world’s lightest electric skateboard. I’m no skateboarder but I would totally hop on an electric board. And today, you’ll meet the Boosted Board, another electric skateboard. This one used to be the lightest electric skateboard but unfortunately for these guys, the […]

Monkey Light M232 Bike Light – Be A Night Rider

monkey lectric's monkey light pro

I’m not much of a bike rider but I do know that riding a bicycle at night can be dangerous business, especially when I see so many people wearing dark clothing. There are some useful products such as the Bike Lane Safety Light which uses bright LEDs to project two parallel lines on either side […]

Coolest Cooler – Most Amazing Cooler Around


The Unfinished Man team has written about and funded a number of different Kickstarter projects in the past and I still use my Backslider wallet I purchased there. I browse Kickstarter once or twice a week and the latest product I came across is the Coolest cooler. I just got back from a camping trip […]