Toyota Pixis Mega Kei Car


Kei cars are pretty unique looking vehicles and we’ve written about the Nissan Dayz and the Honda N-Box Slash in the past. You may find the names of the cars are almost as interesting as the vehicles themselves. The vehicle you see here in not a photoshop! This is the Toyota Pixis Mega kei car […]

Crystal Wash – A Better Way To Do Laundry?

Bio Ceramics Crystal Wash

Laundry is a never ending story and unfortunately it’s something that has to be done unless your intention is to keep people away. If you don’t like using detergent because you think it’s a ripoff or perhaps you don’t want the chemicals or perfumes on your clothes then consider the Crystal Wash. Crystal Wash is […]

Trashcan 2.0 – The Bruno Smartcan

Bruno Smartcan trash bin

Everything in the home seems to be getting smarter as the years go by. We have smart appliances, smart TV’s, vacuums, toilets (although expensive), and even smart light bulbs. And now, we have smart trashcans. Unfortunately, this trashcan won’t go around the home looking for trash to pickup but it does have a number of […]

Roccbox – Portable Wood And Gas Fired Stone Oven


Most of us can’t or don’t have a stone oven in the house/backyard so we have to go out to a specialty pizzeria to get some awesome pizza and pasta. But that’s about to change with the soon to be released Roccbox. Roccbox is the world’s first portable wood and gas fired stone oven allowing […]

Mini Cooli – Portable Hand Held Air Conditioner

Mini Cooli portable AC unit

Here in Vancouver, BC, the temperate has been higher than normal for this time of the year. Homes here do not usually have air conditioning units since our summers are not considered to be all that hot with an average summer temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course there are the odd days where the […]

New Balance Football Born – Releases Visaro And Furon

all-new New Balance soccer cleats

New Balance is one of the world’s major footwear manufacturers and are well known for running footwear and urban footwear. The company has been in the business since 1906 yet they never gave much attention to the football world except for a short period in the 1980s. Well, New Balance is back in the game […]

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG By Mcchip Tuning

G63 by McChip DKR

Mercedes-Benz first showed off the G63 AMG 6×6 and followed up with the G500 4×4². The 6×6 is only available in limited numbers and extremely pricey while the G500 4×4² is only a concept and a final decision on production has not yet been made. Most car tuners that modify the Mercedes-Benz G-Class never focus […]