Assassin’s Creed 3 – Connor and Aveline Cosplay


I’ll be the first to admit it; I usually find Cosplay pretty damn stupid. I’ve seen enough conventions to realize that most people don’t put very much effort into their costume, or they do – but they dress up as something stupid like a Pokemon character. No one likes that crap.

However, every so often someone does put in the effort, and the result is a costume that’s really and truly awesome. Detailed costumes like these take a massive amount of time and preparation to create. These Connor and Aveline costumes from Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation most definitely fit the bill, and given their warm reception by the likes of Ubisoft themselves, well… I have a feeling we’re going to see a whole lot of Assassin’s Creed costumes this Halloween.

The question is, will they be even half as good as the ones that Rick & Dominique Boer created?

Connor and Aveline Costumes


War…. war never changes. Even back in the 1800s soldiers seemed to have the 1000 yard stare. I can only imagine what happened to these two as they were traipsing around the forest.


I’ve got to say, I’m still surprised at how non-crappy this looks. No, in fact it actually looks amazing, and I would probably wear this around the house, if not the local watering hole. Nothing on here looks  cheap, fake, or weak. The entire costume looks like it would actually hold up quite well in a combat environment.


They almost look like action figures in this shot. I think it has a little something to do with the HDR lighting and the way that they’re posing. Also, Aveline looks kind of high.


Racoon eyes from a long night of drinking in the forest. Those assassins… they know how to party.


Again, shots like this really highlight just how awesome and well made their costumes are. The details on Rick’s “Connor Hood” are very, very impressive. I would be really interested to know how he worked that pattern into the rawhide.


Having fun is important, but at the end of the day everyone still has to get their chores done. Here we have Aveline trimming the grass after her and Connor got into an argument about chores. “Fine, I’ll do them myself; goshhhh!!!”

More Information

I think their work is pretty cool, and I’m guessing you do too. If you’re interested in seeing more photos of Rick & Dominique’s Connor and Aveline costumes, as well as a whole bunch of other costumes and artwork they’ve created, head over to RBF Productions – which is their official website – and then head over to Merdahn Photography for even more photos. I’m actually really excited to see what they come up with next, and I assure you… this is one of the few times you’ll hear me say that. Consider it a testament to their incredible work.


  1. says

    Awesome job!!! I love these costumes! They’re alot better than the others I’ve seen. I want to dress up as connor for holloween. Will these be sold any time soon? If not please reply.

  2. Connor says

    Really great costumes do you think you can make another Connor costume for sale can’t really find any good Assassin’s Creed 3 costumes and I was wondering if you could do this before Halloween. Please answer back thanks and again great job.

  3. Kaspar says

    Hey, I’m from Tamworth, Australia and I absolutely love the costume design for Connor!!! I just can’t get over that detail. Is there any chance that I can get this or an exact replica of this costume? If not, any details of how and where I can get this is much appreciated!!! Oh, and any contact e-mail or numbers would be smashing.

    Thanks! =D

  4. smashedd says

    wow this is really good i wish i could do something like this! yeah if your willing to sell some id be highly interested in it please respond if your willing to talk a price

  5. Mario Kurilavicius says

    Will you ever plan on selling becase all the others I’ve looked at are hobo cloths compared to this, but just email me.

  6. Supidbitsy Dietrich says

    My 12 year old son wants sooooo badly to cosplay this and it would his dream as he is followed and played all the games and is greatly interested in purchasing a pattern or have help with making this. Please email me to discuss this, thanks soo much and great job, this is the best most detailed version of Connor he or I have EVER seen!! ; ) Much love and blessings

  7. Steph says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! I thought it was part of some movie! So realistic to the the point that I’m wicked jealous :( My big Birthday is coming up and I asked for two really un-realistic things: Ezio <3 and an AMAZING costume like you guys made or weapon like the hidden blade.

  8. bunnyleech says

    I’m impressed at how you are able to be condescending while also being complimentary. It’s clear you know very little about what actually goes into cosplay.

  9. says

    Just a tad disappointed with the attitude here. I don’t think you really understand what cosplaying is. It’s a way of sharing your fandom with other people. It doesn’t matter what series, character, or quality level. Even throughout the article, while you compliment the two, you imply that everyone else who isn’t up to spec are wasting their time by cosplaying.

    • Chad says

      Wasting their time? Maybe so, but I’m certainly not complaining about it. Do many of the costumes look like crap? Absolutely. Just as with Halloween, some costumes look great, and some like rubbish.

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