Unemployed? Why You Need to Leave The House

A few months ago I left my job to do some traveling, and to focus my time on making Unfinished Man the best men’s website on the internet. As I’m sure you can imagine, taking a break from work can be an incredibly worthwhile experience. If you have the means to do so, I highly recommend it. Being unemployed comes with a few drawbacks, though, and the one I want to talk about is a relatively obscure concept that I like to call “leaving the fucking house”.

If you’ve ever been off work for any length of time, be it due to lack of employment or simply because you’re self employed, perhaps you can relate when I suggest that it takes an exceptional amount of mental fortitude to force yourself to leave the house sometimes. One day turns into many days, and eventually you find yourself at home weeping over your keyboard reminiscing of a bygone time when you did more than work, jerk off, and play video games. It’s not healthy, believe me – scientists will back me up on this one.

So what am I driving at exactly? Well, I simply propose that you make an extra effort to get out of the house more often, whatever your state of employment. Schedule a task in your phone if that’s what it takes. I could cite numerous reasons that leaving the house (and ideally also interacting with other, real life people) is beneficial to both your mental and physical health, but suffice to say the little bit of exercise and human interaction each day will keep off the crushing depression that comes with acting like a hermit. Besides, you need to throw out your poop socks eventually, and one day the allure of daily pizza deliveries will lose its charm as well.

Take it from an ex-MMO player… make a point of going for a walk sometimes; you’ll thank me. Hell, you may even enjoy it.

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    • Sure, absolutely. Not to mention the wide range of physical ailments that could befall a person living a completely sedentary lifestyle.


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