Tips for Staying Focused on Your Weight Loss

Winter, spring, summer or fall, no matter the season, many of us continue to focus on dieting and losing weight. And no matter how hard we try, every now and then, we hit a brick wall. Well, when that happens here are some suggestions that you can use to re-motivate yourself. They might be just what you need to jump start your program back into high gear.

Tips for Staying Focused

Try tipping your scales with blue. Did you know that the color blue is a known appetite suppressant? Why not use a little color to help you stay on track? Eat your dinner on a blue plate and you’ll discover that you need less to feel full. Wear red to get going! If your energy is low and you feel lackluster about a project or event (or working out?), then wear red. Red energizes your system, boosts your confidence and empowers you to action. Trick out your workout clothes. Buy yourself some stylish workout gear that makes you look good. When you look good, you’ll feel good.

Drop the “perfect” mentality. Did you slip up? Have a moment of weakness? That’s OK…Use any splurge as motivation to get yourself back on track.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a hug once in awhile! Train hard, eat right, sleep well, but once a week, allow yourself an indulgence. Enjoy your favorite dessert, get a massage, or simply take some time for yourself to relax.

Each day write down how your weight loss is making you feel healthier. Focus on the feelings of better health, and not on thinness.

Focus on what is going right. Instead of beating yourself up over the things you haven’t done- like eating perfectly or working out every single day – take a moment to acknowledge the actions you are taking towards your goals

Use your social network! Post it, tweet it, blog about it – whatever you like! But put it out there! If you tell others that you are striving for a major goal, you will find support that keeps you accountable and makes your steps to success less overwhelming

Choose one or two new healthy habits to take on – not 10 or 20. Small, simple changes can help you reap large rewards.

Change the scenery around you. Behavior is often shaped by our environment rather than pure willpower. Decide to eat your favorite frozen yogurt only while you are at the yogurt shop, rather than taking it home and eating it out of the carton while watching TV. You’ll still enjoy your favorite treat, but will likely end up eating much less of it.

Sleep on it. Write down your goal and sleep with it under your pillow. Literally sleeping on it – your goal – will help incorporate that energy into you, and may help you manifest them sooner.

Turn off the negative self-talk. Choose to avoid negative thoughts. And when you do start to think negatively, have an “out” that will quickly take you away from the negative thoughts

Be Your Own Cheerleader. Place post-it notes all around your house with motivational reminders such as, “I feel great!” or “Food is fuel I eat when needed.” Cross-train your habits. Mixing things up isn’t just good for your fitness plan, but it also works with your daily activities. For example, instead of eating out on Friday night, and potentially consuming back all the calories you worked off all week in one sitting, why not have host a healthy potluck dinner for you and your friends? Trading one old not-so-healthy habit for another healthy habit that you’ll look forward to just as much can help you make lasting changes.

Step your goal. Having a large goal (such as losing 50 pounds) can be pretty overwhelming and easy to lose motivation with since it takes some time to achieve. Break down your goal into three smaller, mini goals. Creating a 3-step goal process can also help you gradually build healthy choices into your life, rather than trying to overhaul everything all at once. Use YouTube for Inspiration. Some of the best motivational speakers are all available right at your fingertips! Why not download a few of your favorite video clips from You Tube?

Keep a success journal. Documenting your successes in a journal can help build your confidence in your abilities to accomplish your goal body image.

Stay away from bad influences. Are there certain stores, foods or even friends that lead you to make unhealthy choices? Try to stay away from triggers that may tempt you back into the unhealthy habits you are trying to break

Do some constructive venting. Research shows that “venting” actually helps us transition from “stuck mode” to “solution mode.” But instead of just complaining about why you can’t have what you want, list the three main things that are draining your energy from achieving your goal.

Take it one ½ day at a time. Sometimes you just have to focus on one half day at a time, Instead of focusing on the miles and miles ahead of you on your journey, simply focus on what is immediately in front of you, such as the first half of your day. You can do anything for a 1/2 day! Once you make it past the first half, focus on the next to stay motivated rather than overwhelmed.

Pick up on visual cues. We are visual creatures, so use that to your advantage! Flip through a new fitness magazine or scroll through a website, or watch some fitness shows on TV to get inspired. These are all great motivational tools.

Create a vision. If your goal is to lose weight, create a mental picture of yourself having already achieved it. What will you look like, feel like and move like when you have accomplished that goal? Living as if you are already there makes realizing your vision something you focus on daily.

Get a theme song. Rocky had a theme song, so why shouldn’t you? It sounds corny, but playing it (even singing and dancing along to it) can really boost your spirits when you are feeling uninspired and help you check back in with your motivation.

Stay sane by cheating – once in awhile. Planning a cheat, whether it’s a snack, a meal, a weekend or a week vacation, can make all the difference in the world. By allowing yourself a little “controlled” wiggle room, you can avoid falling off the wagon big time. And once your “cheat” is done, go right back to your plan.

Donate your “fat” clothes. Instead of holding onto your ‘heavy’ clothes, visualize yourself in your new wardrobe. Better yet, picture how great you’ll feel in your new body and clothes and get rid of the possibility of going back to your unhealthy habits.

In addition, you may want to consider tracking your BMI. I mentioned earlier that visual cues can be useful, and though not completely definitive  a simple BMI check will give you a pretty good idea if you’re nearing a healthy, normal weight.



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