Stefanie Joosten: Sexy Photos, Wiki, and More

Konami has finally released Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for all major consoles, and people are absolutely loving it, myself included. It’s a fantastic game with a fantastic cast of characters and I just can’t get enough. As I talked about almost two years ago, it also has a character named Quiet played by a very talented and sexy woman named Stefanie Joosten.

She does a great job playing Quiet in The Phantom Pain, and that’s absolutely worth appreciating, but Stefanie Joosten is also sexy. So let’s sit back and appreciate that through this massive collection of photos I probably spent too much time putting together.

Sexy Photos of Stefanie Joosten

stefanie joosten workout wear enlarged
Stefanie looks a little bit like Lara Croft in this photo.
stefanie joosten nightie enlarged
Getting ready to model some gowns? Here she is relaxing before the big reveal.
stefanie joosten nightgown enlarged
Here she’s modeling some evening attire for a magazine.
stefanie joosten quiet action figure enlarged
Quiet, the Metal Gear Solid character based on Stefanie’s likeness. I would love to get my hands on one of these figurines!
stefanie joosten sexy diamond dogs enlarged
The legendary Diamond Dogs shirt of MGS fame.
stefanie joosten bum enlarged
This body doesn’t come for free. She had to work hard for it!
stefanie joosten posing mirror enlarged
stefanie joosten kojima enlarged
Stefanie with Hideo Kojima! I would love to be a fly on the wall during this voice recording session.
stefanie joosten gum enlarged
stefanie joosten headphones enlarged
Here she is in another recording session. Was this one for MGS as well, or something else?
stefanie joosten bikini enlarged
For someone wearing a bikini, she sure is pale! We could all use a little more sun.
stefanie joosten bikini black enlarged
Those eyes, though…
stefanie joosten flowers enlarged
stefanie joosten exercise video enlarged 1
Is this the video that every young man in Japan uses for their workouts?
stefanie joosten wearing bikini

Seems like Stefanie likes staying fit, given the large volume of workout photos she posted up.

If you have any awesome photos of her that you would like us to include, please let me a comment with the link and I’ll add them in!




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