Sports Betting – Basics to Surviving

I was just in Vegas a few weeks ago and we did a bit of gambling at the blackjack tables. It’s all luck of course, but it’s my favorite table game and I tend to come out on top for the most part. But the one form of gambling I’ve always wanted to try (but avoid because my gut feeling tells me not to do) is sports betting.

I worked a part-time job at a small corner store a few years ago for several months and we used to sell lottery tickets. We had regulars coming in all the time, placing various bets on all kinds of sports. I never knew what the hell they were talking about but I was certainly taking note of the cash they were winning. If I knew about sites like Sports Betting Dime earlier, perhaps I could have retired by now thanks to their wealth of knowledge. It’s estimated that there will be about a $100 million dollars worth of bets on Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Imagine getting a piece of that action?

I’m not sure about the odds of that particular game but perhaps before we get too ahead of ourselves, maybe we should learn a few basics of sports betting.

Know Your Sport

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It’s not crucial that you know your sport but it will certainly help. You need to be aware of the x-factor in a sport. What is the likelihood that something random will happen that will affect the outcome of any given game. It can be anything from an injury to a naked man running across the field and messing with the rhythm of the game. The x-factor has without a doubt made people some serious cash as well as lose some big bucks.

Bet Within Your Budget


We’ve all heard this before you’re going to hear it again, only play with what you can afford to lose. Imagine going back to your place letting the wife know you lost a crap load of money? Not fun I tell you, not fun. Playing outside of your bankroll is what kills many gamblers. Even if you like the bet, stick to your guns and your budget. Discipline is key if you want to succeed in sports betting. I can’t say I recommend it but it is possible to treat sports betting as an investment and win long term. But in order to do so, you need to do a lot more research and find the right resources and people to speak to before jumping in.

Handicap The Situation

I’m not sure if I totally agree with this but people say that you should handicap the situation and not the game. For example, you shouldn’t just rely on the “best looking team” and who won or lost the past games. Apparently you’re supposed to look for undervalued teams based on the situation at hand. An example would be a good team that is playing on home turf against a hated rival who is a favorite to win the match. In this situation, you would want to place a bet on the home team because you know they are going to play their hearts out.

Do Your Homework

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Do your research because the ball can be in your court if you do have done the proper homework. You have an advantage over the house because chances are, you have time to research and develop a niche that you can follow closely. The sports books can’t possibly keep on top of every sport and every single game. If you can become an expert on a smaller conference, you have a good chance to beat the house because sports book operators don’t have the time or resources to follow small time conferences the way you are able to. There is plenty of information available online for you to browse through and stay on top of.

I know these are some basic tips but if you’re going to get your toes wet in the world of sports betting, start off slow and take it easy with your budget.




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