Simple Skin Care Tips for Men

Skin care is just as important for men as it is for women, as having healthy skin will not only make you look better, but it will make you feel better as well. Along with your standard hygiene routine, there are a few tips that can help your skin maintain a healthy balance of not too dry, and not too greasy. If you’re interested in how to have beautiful skin at any age, give a few of these a shot.

Balanced Cleansing

One of the biggest tips to having healthier skin is to pay close attention to the products you’re using. With a regular bar of soap the likelihood of drying your skin out increases pretty dramatically, which can actually lead to greasier skin as your body tries to compensate. In a somewhat hypocritical fashion, my standard routine is to use a bar of soap or exfoliating scrub on my face and try to make up for it with some lotion. My complexion has improved pretty dramatically since trying to balance between dry and moist.

Preserving Healthy Skin

It’s important to realize that as the years go by, elasticity of your skin will diminish. Crow’s feet will form, wrinkles in every possible area on your face develop, and without proper care you’ll start to look like a baseball glove. In addition to keeping skin hydrated, moisturizers can work wonders in terms of preserving elasticity. Combined with sunscreen whenever necessary, regular applications of moisturizing lotions and hydrating creams will make sure that your skin ages at a slower pace, keeping you fresh and feeling better.

She knows how to keep her skin looking great. Do you? Photo by MaloMalverde
She knows how to keep her skin looking great. Do you? Photo by MaloMalverde

Dry, burnt, cracked, stretched skin will inevitably look worse over the long haul. Try to prevent these issues, rather than treat the symptoms when they arrive.

Know When to Use What

Dry skin seems to be a habitual problem of mine, so I’ve had to adapt in order to keep a somewhat youthful mug. Especially in the winter, after a close shave, or even a light trim, it seems like my skin wants to be dry no matter what. During the colder months I’ve realized that I have to use an enormous amount of lotion to keep from looking like the bottom of a riverbed. If you have the same problem, consider easing up during the summer when you’re sweating constantly and beefing up your lotion consumption when it’s cold out.

There Is No Panacea

It’s unfortunate, but I’ve learned that there is no cure in terms of skin care (much less if anything else). You will know your body and your needs best, so try to give your skin care the most minimal of thought to realize what it is that you need. I’ve always had dry skin and not many pimples, so an absurd amount of lotion works best for me. But skin health is largely genetic, which means we all have our own hurdles in terms of skin care. Spend a few minutes to figure out an easy regimen for skin care, and enjoy the benefits!




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