Preventing Common Causes of Car Crashes

Car crashes are about as ubiquitous as plastic pollution: they can be found in just about any street, any state, anywhere in the world. Vehicular accidents cause many problems not just for the individuals directly involved in the crash, but also for other commuters, law enforcement agencies, and the government itself.

Just like plastic pollution, car crashes can be prevented. Vehicular accidents usually occur due to the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of a person. So to understand how to avoid or prevent car crashes from happening, we have to know what are the common causes of car crashes.

Drunk Driving

The Washington State Department of Transportation lists drunk driving as the number one cause of car accidents that involve a fatality in the state of Washington. At least 110 car crashes involving a drunk driver caused a death in Washington State. Car accident attorneys understand how hard it is for the victims of these car crashes.

To avoid driving while drunk, always assign a designated driver when going out drinking with friends. If you are out drinking alone and you are drunk, call a friend to drive you home or get a taxi. Report suspected drunk drivers to the authorities if you happen to see one on the road.

Distracted Driving

The Washington State Department of Transportation also puts distracted driving as one of the top causes of fatal and non-fatal car crashes every year. Around 6,000 US residents are involved in distracted driving crashes every year. Using cell phones, eating, talking to other passengers in the car, and even reaching for an item in the glovebox or at the back of the car can easily result in a car crash.

Some tips to avoid distracted driving include using your phone only in emergency situations while you are properly pulled over to the side of the road. While using hands-free devices can help, it might still cause you to miss out on important road signs and audio cues that might help you avoid a crash. Spilled foods inside a car can be a major source of distraction when driving, so avoid eating inside the car, even if it’s just finger food.


Travelling at high speeds is also a factor in many of the car crashes in the US. In 2014 alone, around 9,000 people were injured due to vehicles surpassing the speed limit. While the US government is imposing traffic patrol, speed limit signs, and other approaches to help reduce speeding, there are still many drivers who disregard road safety.

One of the best ways to prevent speeding is to leave for your destination at an earlier time. Leaving earlier helps prevent you from rushing to your destination to avoid being late. Paying close attention to the speedometer will also let you know if you are staying well within the speed limit. Novice drivers should also take care to relax before driving, and avoid driving when agitated or stressed. Some vehicles have a cruise control option that can help limit the speed when traveling on long stretches of road, or when driving on specific highways.




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