The Mr. Putin Plug – A Vladimir Putin… Chess Piece?

I’ve talked about 3D printing quite a bit over the last few years.

It’s an exciting technology, and I believe it’s finally starting to come into its own. Companies are using it to improve the quality of people’s lives, they’re using it to create clothes, and they’re even using it to print out guns – a less savory but unsurprising occurrence. Nasa or other space agencies may even one day use it to “print” habitats on other worlds!

Yes, these examples are all very exciting, but they’re nothing compared to…


It’s rare that we cover adult toys here, but for this one I just couldn’t resist. It combines a few of my favorite things – politics and science – into a gently graded, extremely rough… well, okay, good point.

Ps: totally not a chess piece.

mr putin buttplug

So it’s not the best example of the technology. In fact, given that the texture is “sandstone”, I like to pretend that no one would actually be putin this in their ass.

Sadly, we both know that just isn’t true.

This is the internet after all, and people will put almost anything up their ass. I would provide examples, but I think the other writers would probably kill me. Unfinished Man is a family friend website after all, and as a journalist there’s a code I’m bound to follow. It’s about integrity.

In any case… if you’re interested in picking one of these bad boys up, you can actually order one on this website. For a measly $24.99 USD, you too can have a little piece of history to cram up yours, or your loved ones, back door. Consider it a show of support for a man both exceedingly handsome, and wise.

Note: these photos are from the original Reddit thread that the plugs creator started, as well as his sales page.




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