McDonald’s Not So Happy Meal

Happy Meal resisiting decomposition
Day 180 of Happy Meal Decomposition

So the internet is going crazy over the experiment that was conducted by New York based artist, Shelly Davies. She left a McDonald’s Happy Meal out in her kitchen for six months to see how it would hold up. As you can see in the pictures, not much has changed in the six months in terms of physical changes. The only noticeable change is the fact that the Happy Meal is as hard as plastic. Our team of Unfinished Man scientists will be conducting tests to see if this is a hoax or the real deal. If these pictures are real, one can imagine how much harder the digestive system has to work to break this preservative infested fast food. Thankfully the human body is able to digest this stuff just fine. Can you imagine crapping out whole hamburger patties?

Day 1 of McDonald's Happy Meal
Day 1 of Happy Meal Decomposition

Just so this is not like every other post on the internet, enjoy the picture below of what a Chicken Nugget is made of.

What chicken nugget meat looks like
That's not soft serve Ice Cream, it's soon to be Chicken Nuggets



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