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Your smile can make someone’s day. We often read such quotes on the smile. It is a sweet gesture that you do when you see someone new or someone you know. It is also what most people notice in you when you meet someone new. It is your first impression on most people. You don’t want someone to get a wrong impression of you, so you need a perfect smile. And to maintain this smile, you need good oral hygiene.

A dental problem such as toothache, bleeding gums and bad breath makes you less confident and take away the charm from your smile. Dental 359 is all in one solution to all the dental problems. Your Dental partner that can help you smile the way you want.

They help get the desired and best results. It is a Perth based dental clinic established over 17 years ago. It has always been committed to excellence, and they provide you with the latest technology. Creating the most functional smile has always been paramount to the clinic and Dr Golestani.

He always give people the smile and the confidence they deserve. He is a leading Cosmetic Dentist Perth in Subiaco and has been practising for over 25 years. He was graduated from the University of Western Australia in the year 1989. His professional life is dedicated to Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. He believes that continual learning is a cornerstone to deliver optimal patient care and clinical treatment and therefore places a strong emphasis on his and his staff’s ongoing education.

They preserve your natural teeth for life while maintaining your oral hygiene at the highest level. The team believes that quality of service begins from the moment the patient comes to Dental359.

They have the latest procedures, supported by information and treatment options from which you can choose. Their dental and clinical team is the forefront of cosmetic, and all the staff are highly trained to satisfy you to the extent.

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Dental 359 offers you dental implants, porcelain veneers, cerec 3D, teeth whitening, Invisalign, smile makeovers, gingivectomy, cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers. They provide you with the best cosmetic implants or surgeries. They give you natural and desirable results.

They also have best results in General dentistry, Dental emergencies, root canal, chipped tooth, ceramic crown and bridge, wisdom tooth, teeth cleaning and preventive maintenance. They have a broad vision in solving all your tooth related problems. They do not give you the listed solutions, but what will suit you best because every individual has different problems and every problem has a different solution. 

As Perth’s leading cosmetic and dental clinic, they offer a wide range of innovative smile-enhancing treatments that can restore any smile and improve dental health. It has based in Subiaco for almost 18 years, and they have established a reputation as a progressive dental clinic with experienced doctors and a proven track record for patient satisfaction. You can visit them directly or apply online for an appointment.

They also write blogs on their site that help you to be central regular oral hygiene and also about the myths that people have.

Most people don’t visit dentists because they think their teeth are better the way they are, and once they visit a dentist, they have to do it again and again. But Dental359 has changed people’s vision on this. Their team has given the best results for every patient they have worked with.

You can go through some of their patient’s personal experiences that they have on their site. Oral health is equally important as our physical health, and we should not ignore it. 

Thank you for reading. Stay healthy and keep smiling!



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