How Health & Beaty Expert Alice Hatcher Made a Name for Herself

Over the years, health, wellness, and fitness have gained a lot of attention. People have started prioritizing their health and fitness, which has increased the popularity of living a better lifestyle. Organic and healthy foods, working out and going to the gym, and taking care of your skin are all parts of a healthy lifestyle. Alice Hatcher is an entrepreneur and a health and beauty expert who has become an important part of this industry through her passion and hard work.

Alice was born in Taiwan and came to the United States as a 1-year-old with her parents. Since then, she’s been pursuing her dream. Alice started a medspa in 2006, and due to the economic recession, she began distributing flyers to advertise her business. Alice then started to sell gift certificates to promote her medspa, which people could take back to the spa and get facials.

Alice then launched her e-commerce skincare store. This was during the infant stages of online shopping, and in their first year alone, she saw her highest sales compared to her physical store. Learning from this, Alice eventually launched her skincare brand called Precision Skin RX, using her knowledge and expertise from her aesthetics training.

Alice has received training from world-renowned beauty brands such as Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, and more. She graduated with honors from Paul Mitchell Skin Academy and trained beside Dr. Zein Obagi.

Alice has been in the beauty, wellness, and health industry for the past two decades, with her first-ever medspa opening in Orange County, California, in 2005. At the moment, Alice’s medical spa is among the best in Orange County. In 2015, Alice started her skincare brand, Precision Skin RX, focusing on result-driven medical-grade ingredients. This brand targets various skin conditions and lifestyles.

Beauty Addict is Alice’s e-commerce store, where she gained a headstart in the business by holding virtual consultations to discuss skin concerns. She would then prescribe the correct products according to the client’s specific needs. For advanced skincare needs, the e-commerce store carries more than 300 products.

Precision Skin RX has all the anti-aging solutions, acne solutions, best-selling products, and more. They also carry products according to specific needs, such as haircare, cosmetics, gift kits, body care, and skincare. The store also has a beauty perks and rewards system.

Alice has over 22.6K followers on her Instagram, where she shares motivational and health-related content as well as sneak peeks into her private life. Her medical spa has over 9.9K followers on Instagram, and her e-commerce store has more than 8.6K followers.

When Alice talks about wisdom and advice, she says it’s all about your future and happiness, so don’t care about what others say, and go out to do what makes you happy. She also encourages people never to give up.

When looking at her future, Alice says she wants to be a role model for other women and young girls. She also wants to grow her brand and promote it in a positive light. Alice wants to promote great mental health and fitness and help people gain confidence in their skin.



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