Gain and Practice Strong Leadership Skills to Forge a Successful Career

Even if you have multiple degrees and a lot of work experience, you may still not be the best leadership candidate. When you look at successful business leaders, such as Wesley Edens, you’ll notice they have a certain charisma and attraction. It’s possible to harness these leadership skills if you understand their impact and how to wield them in the business world, you can also take professional development courses by companies like Hidden Door. Hidden Door offer leadership development training courses, that will help you on your way up the corporate ladder. You can become the next leader of your favorite company with a little effort.

Think Outside the Business Major

When you want to work at a top-notch business, you don’t necessarily need to major in business during college. More than ever, businesses are looking for executive candidates who have a more versatile background. Consider a major in finance, psychology or political science, for example. All these majors provide the skills necessary to function at an executive level when properly applied. You want to stand out as a unique individual during interviews instead of blending into the pack.

Get Involved

Being a top executive doesn’t mean standing on a pedestal away from your hardworking employees. In fact, it’s critical to have some experience with nearly all jobs at your company. Working within each department as you move up the corporate ladder gives you another perspective of departmental views. When you head the entire company, you’re able to place yourself in others’ shoes and make better decisions that work for all employees and departments.

Voice and Mannerisms Count

Great leaders must feel their part as a top executive by using a strong voice and proper mannerisms. Your voice must be clear with ample volume to speak to a group, for instance. The voice shouldn’t be overbearing or loud, but simply in control. Your mannerisms or body language should be welcoming as opposed to being closed-off or defensive. Everyone is on the same team at your company, so make all employees feel invited with proper body language.

Embrace Change

Change isn’t something to worry about, but is an opportunity for everyone to shine in the business world. Meet with your departmental heads and see if any changes should be made each quarter, for example. Major changes shouldn’t always take place, but slight alterations to protocols can streamline any business.

Be Personable

A strong leader makes themselves available to all employees. Walk around your office, warehouse or production facility and speak to people periodically. Ask them about work and any improvements they suggest from their firsthand knowledge. Taking this information to heart allows you to see the business as a growing entity that must be constantly reevaluated. When employees know you take their suggestions seriously, they feel better about themselves and the company too.

Don’t forget that networking is still a number one priority for any businessperson. As you work your way towards an executive career, remain professional friends with colleagues. It’s important not to burn any bridges as you rise through the ranks. You might need the help of a colleague one day to create a business transaction that makes you seen and heard across the industry.



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