Everyone Can Have Freedome – F-Secure’s VPN Review

Everyone wants to be free… free to communicate privately with friends and family… free to take photos of their hard, chiseled chest without someone peeking over their digital shoulder, marveling at a photo they were never meant to see.

Freedom and privacy go hand in hand, and now – perhaps more than ever – we need to stay vigilant and work hard to keep them. In the digital age, we can do this in a number of ways; I actually wrote a list of simple security best practices last year. One of the technologies I focused on was using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

It’s good to understand these technologies, but not absolutely required. So for this article, suffice it to say that a VPN basically masks the source of your IP address on the internet, and encrypts all your data between you and the middle man, the VPN service – in our case F-Secure’s Freedome, which I’ll get to in a minute here…

Now, this is useful for a number of reasons. Masking your IP makes you much more difficult to track and target, and even allows you to view region locked content, ie: Canadian or American Netflix. We’re able to do this because more VPN providers have servers all over the world, allowing you to pick and choose where you want your IP to originate.

F-Secure is no exception, and the reason they’re getting a full article today is because so far, they’re the best VPN provider I’ve tried, at least for mobile devices. Unfortunately they don’t have a desktop client yet, but it’s coming about a month after the publication of this article. Depending on when you read this, it may already be out.

In any case… I’m a big fan of Freedome for a few simple reasons: it’s private, with absolutely no logging. It’s also extremely fast, and the interface is fantastic.

What more could a security conscious person want?

I’ve tried companies like TorGuard in the past, and simple found them lacking – especially the mobile VPN clients. You need only look at the app reviews to see what I’m talking about.

Freedome, on the other hand, works fantastically. Oh, and did I mention that you can even get 6 months free access? The regular price is about $29.95 a year, but if you type in code “David” at checkout (download the app, you’ll see what I mean), your 7 day trial will be extended to 6 months.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Do you know any other awesome VPN providers? Come tell me about it!



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