Disabled? Discover Why You Should Speak with a Disability Lawyer, Today

Becoming unexpectedly disabled is a frightening and overwhelming time. Your entire life has been turned upside down. You’re emotionally exhausted, still physically recovering and undoubtedly frightened for what the future might hold.

If you can no longer work then your entire financial stability could be put into question, you may struggle to provide for yourself and your family. The best way to gain back financial control is to apply for social security disability benefits, these payments can be a lifeline for those who find themselves suddenly disabled due to an illness or an injury.

Sadly, the process is quite complicated with a high percentage of claims being rejected – click the link for info on the elimination period for SSD benefits. And when you’re already emotionally and physically struggling, it’s a blow that you just don’t need. This is when many disabled people reach out to disability lawyers.

But why would you need to speak to a lawyer about the state of your social security claim? Here we’ll examine why you should speak with a disability lawyer, today.


As mentioned above, the social security disability benefits claim process is incredibly complicated and wholly overwhelming, especially if you’re newly disabled and coming to terms with your new life. You may be wondering if your medical condition actually qualifies for social security benefits, as not all medical conditions are common, considered severe enough or well documented in the system.

It’s easy to avoid claiming for these kinds of benefits if you don’t believe your claim will be successful. However, it’s recommended that you at least try. Reaching out for legal aid and information will help provide clarity and give you the confidence to proceed further.

They’ll help you apply!

Endless forms, confusing statements and instructions. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake on your form and have your claim denied. This is when authorized support is invaluable. Having assistance to fill in your form ensures that the process runs a little smoother and you’re less likely to make a mistake.

They’ll handle the paperwork

Any kind of claim comes with lots of paperwork, and it’s not easy to keep on top of it. You’ll also need to record any changes to your circumstances. Perhaps your condition has gotten worse since you initially filed, or maybe you’re just getting confused with all the paperwork involved. If this sounds like you, then speak with a disability lawyer sooner rather than later.


Your claim may be denied, or you might want the strongest case possible from the outset. To do this you’re going to need evidence to support your claims. Your medical history and records are crucial here, as well as statements from your doctors and your consultants who can verify the limitations of your disability and the severity of your condition. Speak with a disability lawyer for more information about this.

Finally, you can focus on your health

Knowing someone is fighting your corner and taking care of the legalities and paperwork means you can focus on your health and your family.



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