Amazing Facts And Figures From The Brave New World Of iGaming

Today’s US iGaming industry might be built on 21st-century innovation, but its roots can be traced back to ancient history. Gambling is a human compulsion that is as old as civilization. For as long as people have raced or fought one another, others have looked on and backed the winner. Likewise, archaeologists have found dice crafted from animal bones thousands of years old. Here, we look at fascinating facts and figures from this intriguing industry.

iGaming is 28 years old

In 1994, Forrest Gump vied with the Lion King at the top of the box office charts, Bill Clinton celebrated his first anniversary as President, and all Mariah Carey wanted for Christmas was you. It was also the year that Microgaming launched the first-ever online casino. The company is still at the forefront of the industry and is behind some of today’s most popular slot games, including Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance, and Thunderstruck 2.

A $58 billion industry

In 2021, the online gambling industry generated $58 billion in revenue. That sounds impressive, but industry experts believe it is still in its relative infancy. They predict that figure will grow to around $150 billion by 2030.

Online gambling in the US

Americans love a wager. The US has more than 2,100 casinos – more than any other country. 75 percent of US adults place a bet at least occasionally. Yet only three percent say they have placed a bet online. Now we can see where some of that predicted growth might come from over the coming years! Dozens of reliable casino sites firmly target US gamblers. See for some examples.

Slot games top the popularity list

Traditional casino games like blackjack and roulette are still popular among today’s gamblers – but not as popular as slots. The latest industry statistics show that over 60 percent of casino gamers choose slots over other casino games.

Casinos are targeting Gen-X

70 percent of spending on slots comes from people aged 55 and over. That won’t surprise anyone who has ever spent an afternoon casino-hopping on the Las Vegas strip. However, it suggests potential trouble ahead for the industry unless it can capture the imagination of younger players. Casinos are actively targeting Gen-Z by introducing innovative casino games, including skill-based and crash games.

Men gamble more than women

In years gone by, casinos were a male-dominated environment. Today, we see closer equality in terms of player numbers. However, when it comes to the amount wagered, men spend more than twice as much as women and account for just under 70 percent of total spending.

Land-based casinos are built to last

Online casinos are easy to access and offer amazing bonuses. But they will never entirely replace traditional casinos. The first five casinos ever built are all still in business today. They are the Casino di Venezia (Italy), Casino de Spa (Belgium), Kurhaus (Germany), Casino de Monte Carlo (Monaco), and the Golden Gate in Las Vegas.




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