5 Ways to Help Your Husband Deal with Stress

Many people get lost in the race toward happiness. The number of responsibilities can feel almost suffocating; there’s just too much stress in our lives. It can be even more painful if you aren’t the one that’s suffering, but if it is your husband instead. Seeing the person that you love so dearly be so stressed could affect you negatively as well. Is there a way to help your husband deal with those difficult times? Sure, if you are willing to put in enough effort. In a second, you’ll learn about ways to make your husband as stress-free as possible.

Cuddle a lot!

Cuddling might seem like quite an obvious choice to make another person feel better, but there’s a scientific explanation of why it’s an excellent idea. For our bodies, cuddling is a sign to release a hormone called oxytocin, which makes us better at dealing with stress.

In the past, a stressful situation required our entire attention, which meant that our body had to react instantly to deal with the problem at hand. That’s when cortisol comes into play, which is a hormone that makes us more alert. Unfortunately, it isn’t natural for your body to be exposed to stressful factors for a long time, which is why with time, your body will feel weaker and weaker. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to lower the levels of the cortisol – just cuddle. If you do that often, you’ll change the chemical balance in your partner’s brain and make him more resistant to adversity.

Buy him a gift!

If both of you are rarely at home, you should consider alternative measures. Perhaps you could buy your husband silicone sex doll that could make him laugh and, well, maybe not only laugh. Sure, he might be in a grim mood because of the things that he is going through, but during moments like this, it is essential to not forget that we are just talking monkeys on a space rock. Life is absurd. Perhaps you could dress the sex doll in your clothes, with one extra element: James Bond sunglasses.

One way of dealing with the nastiness of life is to realize that everything – both good and bad is only temporary. Too much seriousness in the face of the absurdities of life can make it impossible to deal with particularly difficult situations. Don’t let the child inside you die, and you and your husband will be much happier.

Just listen!

We react differently when under a lot of stress. Some people chase all the things that could help them forget, even if only temporarily, about their current situation. Others will avoid social interactions at any cost. Even if you might think that he doesn’t want to talk about the things that trouble him, you should make him 100% sure that you are there for him.

When people are stressed, they interpret social cues much more negatively, which could easily lead to fear and anger. You might blame your partner for redirecting his frustration at you, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. High levels of cortisol, which are caused by stress, make people feel like they are constantly threatened by a hidden danger. No, it’s not an excuse to be an asshole, but you should be a little bit more patient and understanding.

A trip to the forest

Another way of dealing with the stress of your husband is to go on a trip to the forest together. We spend long hours every day looking at the computer screens, surrounded by walls on all sides. It is not something that we are used to, which is why a trip to the forest could do wonders. Our ancestors spent their lives surrounded by trees; it has a relaxing effect on our brains. It would also be a chance to spend some time together, undistracted by any electronic devices.

Love languages

The fact that people have different love languages is a source of many misunderstandings. Some people might be highly appreciative of gifts, whereas others could prefer hearing from their partners that they care about them a lot. Unfortunately, those differences often lead to problems, as we might not intuitively know what our partner needs most. Perhaps you could take an online test, or just simply talk about different things that matter to you the most, and adjust your behavior. Your husband will be extremely appreciative if you manage to provide him with the type of affection that he likes most during rough times.

No situation is hopeless!

Seeing a person that you can’t imagine your life without in pain can be a terrifying experience. What’s worse, you might feel like there’s no way you could help him. Although those tips won’t work in every case – humans are too complex for that, you could start with them, and hopefully, you will succeed in making the life of your husband less stressful. Good luck.




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