4 Best Apps Like Snapchat Offering Selfie Filters

Fun applications are a rage among youngsters and elders alike these days. We use them for immersive video sessions, selfie-taking and seamless interactivity. Some apps have changed our lives through their impressive features and are all set to become the next Snapchat. Look at the following four amazing apps that you might want to try for a nice video interaction, selfie-taking and photo sharing experience.


A relatively closer version of the conventional snapchat, Bitmoji developers have crafted this impressive app with a horde of exciting features that allow you to create stunning cartoon avatars – the famous emojis with their brilliant Emoji Feature available in the app. These make the entire chatting experience interesting and highly engaging. You can share different types of emoticons with your friends to express different feelings and emotions. It is one of the coolest apps around and includes an option for viewing double avatar through the Friendmoji feature.


Also known as MSQRD, this brilliant app is available for iOS and Android users. It has been trending amongst users for its impressive range of snapchat-like features including cutting edge imaging technology that keep you hooked onto your mobile screens. The selfie app has been expertly crafted to animate user’s faces and expressions through hilarious and entertaining ways. Have fun chatting with your friends and family, creating aesthetically pleasing images, developing multimedia content like videos and pictures and publishing it live on the social media platform for your friends and loved ones. Creating your customized images with this handy app is as exciting as getting your own personalized custom polos or photo albums.


Built by Korean developers, Snow is a great social media app available for iOS users only. The app includes a comprehensive range of options like image & video editing, real-time publishing, special filter effects and built-in resources like stickers & pictures. Many of the features available in the interface are very much similar to the Snapchat, especially crazy filter effects that you can use to step up the vibrancy and quality of your images and videos. With a wide array of editing options and filters, you will take time to get comfortable with the app. You can also use the chat feature to enjoy conversations with your friends and benefit from bonus features like 48-hour stories and a GIF functionality. Get an instant notification when a friend take a screenshot.


Designed for iOS and Android users, Camera360 is speeding up to emerge as one of the top facial recognition filter apps around. Designed by Korean developers, the Snapchat alternative has over 100 different filters to select from that are sure to make your image & video editing even more fun and creative. Use the customization options to tweak your pictures, selfies and videos until they are good enough to share with your friends. You and your friends are bound to go gaga over these amazing filter effects. You can even edit your filtered selfies to minimize imperfections and enhance the overall image quality.




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