3 Reasons to Choose a Ready-Made Water Feature for Your Garden

In most homes, “dad projects” include everything that involves tools, mechanics, and just about everything outdoors. Whether your family is hankering after an outdoor fountain, or it was your own ideal to install one, there are plenty of reasons why you want to avoid the pitfalls and potential disaster of DIY fountains and ponds.

And, in case you wondered, I know what I’m talking about. From nursing the wounds incurred by my (landscape professional) other half to experiencing the woes of water features gone wrong, I’ve become a fan of ready-made water features.

Need reasons why you’re choosing a gorgeous water fountain from the aptly-named Soothing Company instead of starting from scratch? I have them!

1. Avoid the Nightmare of Liners and Leaks

When you decide to make your own fountain, the issue of liners and leaks is bound to rear its ugly head. Take it from me, even the professionals dread this aspect of water feature construction. If landscape installation companies get a call-back after the job’s done, it’s going to be leaking water features 90 percent of the time. Add to that the damage those leaks can cause, and things can get really messy.

There are liner systems that happily offer ultimate flexibility and promise you they’re leak-proof, but there’s many a slip between cup and lip (as the saying goes) and the slips seem to be easier targets than the lips. Yep. Leaking liners are a thing, and they aren’t easy to fix because it can be really, really hard to find the actual leak.

Once the pond or fountain is up and running, you aren’t out of the woods yet. Liners can easily fail, especially when kids and pets enter the equation. And who will your family call when the problem becomes obvious enough to be urgent? Yep! Pappa has to do what pappa has to do. Bye-bye weekend.

2. Get Easy Installation With Ready-Made Fountains

Even if leaks weren’t a frequently-occurring problem, installation and maintenance offer their share of headaches. Installation issues include how to get that cascade just right. It’s harder than it looks, and even something that looked great on paper might need adjustment.

For example, finding just the right place to conceal the pump can pose a problem. And that’s supposing you could find one that isn’t energy-intensive and runs at the right pressure. The process can be traumatic, especially when your planned cascade turns out to be a drought-stricken trickle because you picked the wrong pump with the help of a less-than-qualified hardware store assistant.  

Ready-made fountains are tried and tested. Someone else already did all the heartrending homework and it’s a matter of install and enjoy. No troubleshooting. No hassles. And, in the unlikely event that you have questions or problems, you can talk to an expert and get easy answers.

3. A Ready-Made Fountain is Easy to Maintain

Aside from the bugbear of leaks, water feature maintenance can either be a snip or an utter nightmare. Once again, ready-made outdoor fountains have the advantage. Easy maintenance will be among the things designers aim for. From your perspective, you’re looking at the difference between a quick sprucing up and a massive cleanup project.

You can be sure that companies that create ready-made fountains are also considering their image. If they litter landscapes with slime-draped monsters, they aren’t going to attract new clients. They’re also hoping for referrals. If you’re faced with maintenance tasks that include you being up to your neck in muck for a day, you aren’t going to recommend their product to anyone but your worst enemies.

The bottom line? Ready-made water features are easy to maintain. That means less work for you and a fountain that’s going to look good without you having to go bananas every few weeks. Like low maintenance? Go ready-made every time!

Enjoying a Fountain Should Be Easy – and it Can be!

Let’s get back to the original vision most people have when installing a fountain or water feature. They’re thinking of lazy days relaxing to the soothing sound of moving water. It’s an attainable vision. But you do want to avoid the many pitfalls of water feature design and installation. That’s possible too, especially if you make smart choices.

If you’re an intrepid DIYer and think you’re up to the challenge, there’s nothing to stop you from trying, but any little mistakes you make are going to come back to haunt you. In my experience, this happens sooner rather than later.

Yes. I know how to design and install water features, and I’ve learned from a multitude of costly and time-consuming mistakes. Nevertheless, I highly recommend ready-made water features for my clients. They give you all the pleasure without the headaches, and with so many fabulous designs to choose from, you’ll easily find one that suits your taste.

Surprises can be very pleasant, but believe me: when it comes to water features, you don’t want any! Choose convenience, ease of use and practicality all sewn up into one neat package. Ready-made is awesome!



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