10 Classic Workout Tips to Help Men Improve Their Sex Life

Would you feel motivated to work out if you knew it could lead to a better, longer lasting sex life? If you exercise regularly, with a focus on special workouts, your sex life is sure to improve. However, there is no need to be embarrassed about using a last longer spray should you need it.

Finding the inspiration to workout has always been the challenge new fitness enthusiasts face. Only a small population thrive under the pain of pushing past the body’s limit and fewer have experienced the runner’s high.

Generally, one of the ultimate fear of the 21st-century man is underperforming during sex, knowing the woman will either brag about the fulfilling sex to her friends or complain about the gross failure.

Sex is critical to every relationship. It connects and bonds you in a way nothing else can. Sexual prowess comes from confidence that is built by enhancing your stamina and athleticism during sex.

5 reasons why you should exercise

  • A toned body makes you feel sexy. Men who exercise, eat healthy and look toned always feel sexy and confident.
  • Flexibility offers more options. People who are bendy can try a plethora of sexual positions to spice up their sex life.
  • Exercise releases endorphins which makes it easy to become sexually aroused.
  • Men who exercise often are unlikely to have erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise enhances circulation and blood flow to the genital area which improves your sex life.

The best exercises to enhance your sex life

Tongue push ups

Have you ever had jaw or tongue cramps during oral sex? If yes, you know it’s a quick mood killer. A good workout to improve your oral sex skills is to push the base of your tongue tip to the front of the roof of your mouth. Add pressure when doing this exercise to strengthen your tongue and jaw muscles.


Incorporating Kegel workouts to your fitness regimen will boost your performance in bed. Studies have revealed that 75% of men fixed their erectile problems by dieting and maintaining a Kegel plan. Kegel also builds endurance and tones the PC muscles, which contracts the body’s pelvic floor muscle to prevent early ejaculation.

Swiss ball push up

Get in a press-up position by using a Swiss ball to support your shins. Lower your body to the floor and perform push-ups. This improves your chest, shoulders and triceps and is best for the missionary position.


Weightlifting is one of the best workouts to improve your sex life because it helps the body produce more testosterone, a core precursor for sex drive in men. For best results, increase your sets in such a way that you’re feeling fatigue by the 10th repetition.

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A top body and fitness specialist at Fitness Expo suggests purchasing home equipment such as a multi gym or functional training system that helps to build muscles around the chest, shoulders and abs. These are core muscles used during sex and weight-lighting increases your sexual stamina.


The abs are an essential area to work on because you use it when having intercourse. Crunches bridges, pelvic tilts and sit-ups with 5 sets of 20 repetitions is a good schedule to improve your abdominal muscles.

Lower back exercises

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Your lower back works hard during intercourse so spend some time during your training sessions doing workouts like squats, planks, deadlifts and plank for enhanced back strength.


Sex is an endurance activity, hence, long distance swimming will keep you energized like a man on steroids. Each swim session should last at least 30 minutes, four times a week to boost endurance during intercourse. It also helps you lose weight because you burn a massive amount of calories, which also benefit your sex life.


Fast-paced walking or any aerobic workout like running and cycling that burns at least 200 calories will reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and improve blood flow. Fast-paced activities also reduce the risk of heart attack by ensuring your blood vessels are unblocked.


Flexible men enjoy the most exciting sex because they can try many new positions every day without hurting themselves. Yoga helps to get your body in new positions that lead to enhanced sexual pleasure through improved flexibility. It also helps to improves stamina by drawing energy in and up.

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Great yoga poses you can try include peacock pose, bow pose and shoulder stand. Most men ejaculate early because their bodies are tense and anxious. By connecting with your breathing, you are linked to your sexual arousal levels which relax your muscles and allows you to enjoy sex.

There are many terrific benefits to a life of fitness and an incredible sex life is one of them. Try a combination of all the suggestions we’ve made and after you start to see results, up your game to get even better instead of quitting. Your partner will always thank you for it.

You also transform yourself into a more confident man with higher self-esteem that women won’t be able to resist.




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