Some Perfectly Timed Photos – Part II

Perfectly timed photo of jet flying into the sun set

If the first set of Perfect Timed Photos and Funny Roller Coaster Moments wasn’t enough for you, then this set of perfectly timed photos might do it. I don’t know about you guys but this will surely help me get through the rest of the week.

Perfectly timed photo of guy stepping on little girls

Bull fighter gets bull horn right through the chin throat and mouth

Perfectly timed photo Guys hanging off of a tie

Perfectly timed photo of Gymnist with no head

Big wooden penis in Japan

Womans face behind a magazine blends into magazine

Man on slide gets twisted and tangled

Face behind a dollar bill blending into the money

Statue blowing clouds away through trumpet

Woman holds a sun in her hands

Asian guy stuffs a sun into the mouth of another person

Shadow of a hand picks up a man

Floating Centaur bride getting married

Statue of Jesus grabbing an airplane

Perfectly timed photo of jet flying into the sun set

Flying sled through the air with a woman on it

Bird with a twisted head shaking water off

Gymnist being held up by the crowd

Hand on a poster picking a bystanders nose

Shadow of a cat looks like a howling wolf

Birds flying in the horizon look like they are smiling formation

Man floating in his sleep

Old man grabbing Michael Schumachers nads

Lady with a horse head

Cat with lit up eyes and a electrical socket

Guy taking a powerful leak into a lake

Man kicks over leaning tower of pisa

Statue shoots and scores at a basketball net

Picture of a scare shadow in the desert

Man pukes like a fire hydrant

Manikin kicks a woman in the butt

[Source: PerfectlyTimedPhotos]


  1. Dan says

    Also, the one of the bullfighter, the horn really is going through his neck and coming out his mouth, there is no illusion there.

  2. Dan says

    As the other fellow who shares my name has said – the third one down isn’t perfect timing. It’s a guy getting gored through the neck by a bull. Pretty gruesome. But then again, so is what the bullfighters do to the bulls. Hooray karma.

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