Pig of The Month Coupon Code – Save 15% On Delicious Meat – Exclusive Deal

2 racks of dry style baby back ribs from pig of the month

I don’t usually bother posting coupon codes, but Pig Of The Month, a company specializing in an assortment of delicious meats, contacted me with an exclusive 15% off coupon code for our readers. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to provide you fine gentlemen with quality meats at a discount.

Pig Of The Month is a small, family owned business that carries only certified humane and natural meats from DuBretton Farms. That’s something I can appreciate. Though I absolutely love the taste of a bloody steak, I also don’t want the animal to live a miserable life for the sake of my stomach. I also like that the meat comes ready to cook, straight out of the package. No need to marinate or slather on sauce before hand.

The sad reality of living in Canada is that I can’t bring over any of POTM’s delicious baby back ribs, but I will be reviewing their full line of BBQ sauces in the coming weeks. I also plan to do a BBQ sauce give-away, so keep an eye out for that at as well.

Place your orders through Pig Of The Month, and enter coupon code unfinishedman during checkout to save 15% off the cost of your order.

Pig Of The Month Meat Logo

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