Perspective is Everything – Hidden Street Art by Zebrating


Last year I spent a week in Berlin, Germany.

I had always wanted to visit, and finally managed to convince my girlfriend that the city was worth seeing. After we landed, we checked into our hotel and started to explore the city. It was a disaster. Though the hotel was beautiful, it was located near a school that looked more like a gulag than anything else, and we found that this particular neighborhood – and many of Berlin’s neighborhoods – were hideous beyond reason.

After a week we left mildly disappointed, but decided that we had in fact managed to wring some beauty and excitement out of the city after all. For one thing, the artwork you’ll find strewn around Berlin is often times beautiful, and more often than not creepy. The works of street art duo Zebrating makes for a perfect example…

It’s all in how you look at it…

Our cities are filled with fences and grid-work of every shape and size. We need them for everything from covered walkways to railings, and unfortunately… they often look like crap. But if you ask me, they’re an untapped canvas just waiting to be exploited. What if your city was full of murals like these?

When it comes to Zabrating’s street art, perspective is everything.

zebrating street art

I’m going to comment on this one because it’s my favorite, and then I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the rest. I really love this because, simply put… it’s detailed, and reminds me of a man coming out of a television screen. That’s it. Art doesn’t always need deep meaning to be exciting and beautiful to look upon.

zebrating street art woman face perspective eye zebra perspective art neon woman on railing water color woman

I’ve ended on a high note here if you ask me. The imagery and color choices are absolutely beautiful, and I truly mean it when I say that I would gladly have a mural like this hanging on my wall. If I ever manage to score a beautiful home with an excess of corrugated metal fencing, then Zebrating… I’ll be flying you out personally.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection, and be sure to check out their Facebook page to see the rest of their work. I’ve only included a very small sampling of it here.

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