Billetus – Super Strong Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet

billetus minimus wallet

We’ve done reviews on numerous wallets in the past including interesting ones such as the Backslider Anti-Surveillance RFID Blocking wallet and the ultra-thin Yasutomo Wa-Ben wallet made out of Cuben which is used in sails for boats. We’ve also reviewed various leather wallets but the one we’ll be briefly looking at is not yet available […]

Yorkshire — A Beautifully Unavoidable Travel Destination.


It goes without saying that any tour of Britain would simply be incomplete without investigating the United Kingdom’s largest and most prominent county. In any event, Yorkshire encompasses an area so large that traveling the length of Britain makes passing through it virtually unavoidable. You would have to be feeling pretty jaded not to be […]

18k Solid Gold Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Goldfinger Watch


Omega watches have been worn by various 007 agents (in movies that is) throughout the years, including the latest installments featuring Daniel Craig. However, the most famous and popular James Bond has to be Sean Connery, especially in the movie “Goldfinger”, which was released 50 years ago. To celebrate the semi centennial anniversary of the […]

The Jedi Path to Long-lasting Passion

Photo by Ricky Brigante

This one concerns a topic that’s as old as the hills. Not much of an opening line is it? But that’s the point here. When things are too familiar and predictable it’s not that easy to get excited by them. So let’s talk about sex. That’s a bit more like it isn’t it? The thing […]

These “Vandalized” Neighborhood Watch Signs are Amazing


Tell me something… who protects your neighborhood? I know what you’re going to say, the police are always on duty! That may be so, but who do you trust more, He-Man with his super strength and pointy sword, or trained police officers with guns and body armor? I think you know the answer. And it’s […]

Back Pain: An Ageless Problem

Photo by Michael Sauers

Back pain is something that most people — about eighty to ninety percent of Americans — experience at some point in life. I can tell you from personal experience that back pain isn’t necessarily an older person’s disease. People in their twenties and thirties (like me) can and do experience back pain! A small percentage […]