How Do You Photograph a Ghost? Like This…

horror surrealist art

I’ve never been big on the whole horror genre. I saw many of the classic horror movies when I was a child, but they never really did it for me. I mean, sure… Alien is one of my very favorite movies, but I liked it for the Science Fiction elements, not the horror. But I […]

How to Buy Concert Tickets Quickly and Easily

rush concert helsinki

Attending a huge, stadium concert is a thrilling experience for many, but getting a ticket for these concerts can sometimes be frustratingly difficult. This is especially true when it comes to concerts for such world-conquering bands as Judas Priest and Canadian rock band Rush. Buying tickets from reputable online companies such as – or […]

Greg Klassen Furniture – Discarded Trees Given New Life

greg klassen river collection

There are some pretty unique tables out there but most usually go unnoticed by people. I mean, a table is a table, right? Usually that would be correct but if you see the Greg Klassen Furniture collection, you’ll definitely start seeing tables and trees in a different light. The Abyss Table was pretty cool but […]

Why I Still LOVE Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

couple wearing wedding rings

As a woman in post-feminist society, I’m not supposed to love diamonds. I’m sorry, feminists. I really, really love diamonds and everything they represent today. Marriage is still a very big deal to me! Diamonds, say feminists, are some sort of vestigial remnant of a time when new husband and father-in-law traded goats or sheep […]

Kolibree Toothbrush – Brushing Got Smarter

smart toothbrush with app

When I was a kid, I was told to brush side to side but that changed when I got a bit older and it was then circular motions. And then changed once more to up and down motions. What I’m describing may seem like sexual motions but I assure you I’m referring to brushing of […]

Dodge Challenger Launch Event: Featuring The SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with the HEMI® Hellcat

Last week we were invited by Dodge to Portland International Raceway to experience the 2015 Dodge Challenger lineup, naturally including the most powerful factory-spec muscle car ever produced, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The event took place through the streets of Portland, OR, on some very twisty and scenic back roads, and it was finished […]