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Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept Thumbnail

About a year ago we got our first look at the Infiniti Q50 sedan, the replacement for the G37 sedan.  I kind of liked the design of the car at the time, right now I’m not really sure whether I like it or dislike it.  Now one year later, Nissan is bringing the Infiniti Q50 [...]

Swiss Army Knife of Phone Cases: The TaskOne iPhone Case Thumbnail

The TaskOne case for the iPhone 5/5s is one cool little addition to your smartphone; it literally is the equivalent of a Swiss army knife.  It comes with 22 tools, including a knife, and it doesn’t seem to add too much to the size of the iPhone. The TaskOne case comes with a lot of [...]

increase in colds and flus in the winter

This debate has been going on for ages; your parents telling you to not go outside or bundle up in cold weather or else you’ll catch a cold.  Of course, the modern/web-savvy people that we are, our response to our parents have been “don’t be silly, being cold doesn’t mean we’ll catch a cold.”  Below [...]

door jammer lock

Don't trust your neighbors? Don't like your neighborhood? Staying in a hotel in the rough part of town? There are times when we have no choice but to spend a night or two in a place where we would rather not be. Myself for example, I've had to move from one apartment building to another [...]

Can’t Afford A Bugatti Veyron? Buy the Bugatti Belt Instead… Thumbnail

Okay, maybe the article title isn’t too accurate; because said Bugatti belt ain’t cheap either, it’ll set you back $84,000.  And yes, it’s a belt, the kind you put on your pants to stop them from falling.  No, this belt doesn’t have any magical properties, although, it might get you laid (that’s an assumption, we [...]

coworkers horse playing

The other day a friend of mine that I had not seen in a while came over and was telling me about a job she recently started at a communications company. She was complaining to me about one of her co-workers and details about their very first conversation just after being introduced to each other. [...]

Weineck Engineering Cobra 780 CUI Thumbnail

Many years ago a small tuning company called Weineck Engineering, located in the small German village of Bad Gandersheim, decided to work their magic on the iconic Shelby Cobra roadster.  The Cobra is already a powerful British car that was ripped apart by Carol Shelby and turned into an American muscle car, but with German [...]

Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Over the past few years, I've become a coffee lover. I'm no expert but I'm at a point where I can distinguish between a coffee that is burnt and one that is roasted right. And with the popularity of single-serve coffee machines, I thought it was about time I jump on the band wagon. Now [...]

martian watches

Here at Unfinished Man, we love watches and have written on dozens of various timepieces whether it is the classic mechanical watch or something more modern like the Nissan Nismo Watch. If it tells you the time and goes on your wrist, we want it. Today, we have the Martian Voice Command Smartphone Watch, which [...]

Want to get Laid? Learn from the Best in the Business Thumbnail

It is not common to meet a man who continuously tries to pick up women in public. On top of that, imagine doing it while using ridiculous dares, tactics, and hilarious methods. It’s even more rare to meet a man who is willing to do this for the camera so the whole world can see. [...]