Four Reasons To Start Following The Formula 1 Grand Prix

Photo by Craig Dennis

Men have always followed sports. At present, I can think of football, basketball, and boxing as some of the top sports that entice men into watching matches/games and taking note of athlete/team statistics. One successful and high-revenue generating sport is Formula One. Yet despite it being watched by around 530 million people on any given […]

Ginko Solar Tree: Solar iPhone & iPad Charger


I’ve been interested in solar energy for a very long time, with advances in technology, it seems solar power is becoming more popular and financially viable. Since I live in a townhouse, installing solar panels on my place is an impossibility but I have been looking into smaller scale solar charging. But I’m not sure […]

Reasons To Feel Good For When You Don’t Have Your Own Car

Photo by Richard Masoner

Owning your very own vehicle isn’t something that happens right away. Unless you’re loaded and/or come from money, the financial security needed to be able to get your own car is quite demanding. Gas, insurance, and maintenance add up quicker than you might expect! You can always find a multitude of ways to get your […]

A Quick Rundown On The New It-Thing In Diet: Green Juice

Photo by Griotsnet

Juicing has been around for quite some time. Mixing and pressing out the juices of various solid food into a glass of packed liquid is something that even men are looking into. Some people take juicing into a different level where it is the only caloric intake that they have for a few days to […]

Silver Army Men by Josh Warner


Pretty much any boy growing up in the last 50 years has played with the classic green army men figurines. These little toys were cheap, virtually indestructible (unless you set them on fire), and were incredibly fun to play with. I have literally had hundreds, if not thousands of wars playing with my green army […]

What’s Going On With Game of Thrones?


Let me start off by saying that this article may contain spoilers. It will also definitely contain meandering ruminations on the direction of the television series. If you’re going to read what I have to say, then I suggest you be caught up on the series. Having read the books wouldn’t hurt either, but isn’t […]