BMW Vision Gran Turismo M2


Here’s a BMW 2-Series Coupe we would really like to see in the flesh. The BMW Vision Gran Turismo is a computer generated car for the popular racing simulation game, Gran Turismo 6. It looks more like a M2 (or M235i) German Touring Car entry. In the video game, the Vision GT is powered by […]

The Art of Gift Giving — A Story of an “Ancient Mariner”

man opening present

We write quite a lot about gifts and gift-giving because it’s great to get amazing presents! Although it really is better to give than to receive–as long as what you give someone very special reflects your connection! Don’t wait for holidays, birthdays, or graduations, though your closest friends and family members tend to expect a […]

Watch Dogs – 101 Trailer + Commentary

watch dogs love

Looking to do some hacking? A little car-jacking to spice things up perhaps? No, a new Grand Theft Auto game hasn’t been announced, but Watch Dogs is mere weeks away from release, and I believe it will fill these roles every bit as well as GTA, maybe even better. But let’s back up a moment […]

Buying a Vehicle? Don’t Forget to Haggle

old buick used car lot

Buying a car is a big decision. The average cost of a new car reached a whopping $31,252 last year. Most people buy a car on credit terms and these agreements are sometimes complex and confusing. Before agreeing to terms, read the fine print because…the devil’s in the details. Timing Dealers tend to shift last […]

JAG Grill Barbeque Table


Summer, our favorite time of the year is almost here, we’re looking forward to this summer even more eagerly because of the brutal winter we’ve had (thanks Polar Vortex). Summer is awesome not only because of the weather, but it also means barbeque time!! You can be like everyone else in your neighborhood with a […]

Everything You Buy is Rubbish – Shoes Made From Trash

plastic shoes

When I was in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico about five years ago, my friend and I stayed at a five-star resort with a beautiful beach. During our eight day stay, we decided to discover the beach miles beyond the property boundaries and into areas that were not maintained for vacationers. What we discovered was […]