Unleash Your Creativity: Learn to Play The Guitar


Lots of people want to learn to play the guitar because it’s a relaxing and creative pastime. Researchers around the world have learned that many musicians experience maximum creativity when they pick up a guitar! When picking up a guitar for the first time, it’s easy to think that learning to play guitar is relatively […]

Off-Roading Guide For Beginners – Before You Leave The Driveway

Land Rover Range Rover with one wheel in air

We don’t go on frequent off-road adventures like a few of ours friends, but we’ve gotten a small taste of it in the past and Land Rover even invited the Unfinished Man crew for the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Tour about a year ago. It wasn’t extreme off-roading, but it was still great to see […]

Flat Tires Suck – PatchNRide Makes It Suck Less

bicycle flat tire fix

Now that Summer is here and the weather is getting better and better by the day, I see lots of folks out and about with their bicycles. Although I kind of hate the fact that I have to share the road with bicyclists (because some think they own the road), I can also appreciate that […]

Alien: Isolation – E3 Accolades Trailer

alien isolation ripley

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but apparently Creative Assembly has released a new “accolades” trailer for their upcoming FPS survival horror game, Alien: Isolation. It’s pretty appropriate, really… Creative Assembly has received a lot of praise at this years E3, and from what I’ve seen of the game so far, they’ve earned […]

2015 Ford Focus ST Diesel


Before you go running to your local Ford dealer in hopes of snatching up a Ford Focus ST diesel, I have some bad news for you; the ST Diesel is only available in Europe. But don’t worry; the North American 2015 Ford Focus ST at least does get some upgrades. The European Ford Focus ST […]

Updated Ford Edge – Improved Design And Smarter Technologies

updated Ford Edge

When I was working for a car rental company a few years ago, one of my “go to” vehicles when I had to take care of office errands was the Ford Edge. It was a spacious SUV but it drove like a car and I thoroughly enjoyed the steering and throttle response. The interior was […]