Window Pillow – Airplane Sleeping Made Easy

window travel pillow

I love airplanes, I love airports, I love travel but what I do have an issue with are long and annoying layovers. The longest layover I ever had was at Doha, Qatar and it was 25 hours! Terrible, just terrible. In my large family of nine people, I’m the only one that can’t sleep on […]

Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo Camper Van

Mercedes V-Class camper van

I just went on a camping trip for the July long weekend just this past week. As per usual, we had a great time and my wife got to experience what camping is for the very first time. We always do these trips the “traditional” way with camping gear and tents. If the budget allowed, […]

How About We Fly a Drone Through Some Exploding Fireworks?


The 4th of July has come and gone. If you’re one of our many American readers, you undoubtedly celebrated Independence Day by drinking unhealthy amounts of weak American beer, and eating bag after bag of pork rinds. That’s just what you do… much like our Canadian propensity to live in igloos. Oh, and we can’t […]

Our Favorite Crowdfunding Projects


We write about Kickstarter campaigns and crowdfunding successes here at Unfinished Man because we love free enterprise, great ideas, and inventions. Imagine the excitement of sharing your idea to change the world – in a big or small way – and receiving money from investors who believe in you! The excitement of Kickstarter is a […]

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent – Cheesy But It Just Might Work

FakeTV alarm system

This little box may look like a portable TV out of the 1990′s but it’s actually a “burglar alarm” system. This is exactly the type of product one would see during a late night TV infomercial that you kind of laugh at. Although it looks like a piece of junk, the device actually does kind […]

Planning a Big Night Out? Dress to Impress


When it comes to a night out on the town, men and women are vastly different. For women, preparing for a night out can take all day. Men, on the other hand, well – you’re shaved, showered, dressed and out the door in no more than ten minutes. But does getting ready in ten minutes […]