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Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch: Bye Bye Android Hello Tizen Thumbnail

It seems like only yesterday when we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch; now just a few months after the announcement of the original Samsung smart watch, the Korean manufacturer has announced the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch.  Notice the exclusion of “Galaxy”, which has something to do with Samsung ditching Google’s Android [...]

Mini Clubman Concept with 6 Doors!! Thumbnail

Early in the 21st century, when the new Mini (owned by BMW) came into the market, it was an instant success; BMW took advantage of the success of the little British car and started producing a whole lineup of cars, including CUV’s, coupes, convertibles, and wagons.  Now there is a new version of the Mini, [...]

gamer diego umehara

I talk about video games all the time, but what about the real pros? Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is a well-known top fighting game player, famous within the fighting game community for his play in the Street Fighter series. Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1981, Daigo's career in fighting games began in local arcades in [...]

There’s Something Different About The “Nadir” Watch Thumbnail

Over the years I’ve come across a lot of unusual watches that don’t display time in the “traditional” way; we’ve even written about quite a few very unique watches in our watch section.  The Nadir watch is another watch that displays time unconventionally, in a way I’ve never seen or even thought of. I didn’t [...]

abandoned cuban prison

If you were living in Cuba during the 1920s, then I suspect Presidio Modelo was the last place you wanted to end up. It was a panopticon prison in the truest sense of the word, and though it's thankfully no longer being used as a prison, you can still visit. According to Wikipedia, "the prison [...]

ford focus hatch and wagon

Ford was the first US manufacturer to make big changes and didn't rely on government funds to rescue them. Their changes in design, features, and better quality shows on most of their vehicles. The current Ford Focus is a pretty nice car and the Focus ST is one of our favorites in the Ford lineup. [...]

computer virus that infects humans

So, today I'm going to pick on one of my family members a bit. You see, a few weeks ago while they were sitting at the computer, they received a phone call from Microsoft. Microsoft called to kindly inform them that their copy of Windows was out of date, and if they could just download [...]

textsecure private messenger

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm guessing you don't really give a shit about privacy, or at least the privacy of your text messages. I think it's fair to assume that you won't be marching or protesting any time soon. Even after the leaks, revelations, whatever you want to call them, nothing [...]

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Thumbnail

We’ve previously written about the Jaguar XF Sportbrake (fancy word for station wagon) and the Jaguar XFR-S sedan, but we’ve never written about the Jag XFR-S Sportbrake.  Because up until now that combination didn’t exist, so Jaguar decided to spice things up for a limited number of European customers.  The XFR-S Sportbrake will not be [...]

man pulling out a wallet

Believe it or not, the wallet that you carry says a lot about your personality. Your clothing and accessories are an extension of yourself. Love it or hate it, every time you pull out your wallet to make a purchase, others will make judgments about you based upon the style of wallet you're holding. That's [...]