Cohiba Cigars – A Legend Thanks To Fidel Castro

Castro smoking a Cohiba Cigar

When it comes to smoking, I usually stick to flavored herbal shisha for the most part and sometimes e-cigarettes. Normal cigarettes on the other hand are a no go for me while the occasional cigar is enjoyed after small personal victories like winning in Vegas for example. The first “cigar” I ever tried was strawberry […]

MB&F Melchoir: A High-End Robot Table Clock


One of my absolute favorite watchmaker is Maximilian Busser & Friends, also known as MB&F. I love the incredible watches the company comes up with, which are the creations of the company’s founder Max Busser. I also have a man crush on Max because of his “kid at heart” approach to his work and his […]

Top Cars for Top Pros: The Sports Cars of High Roller Poker Players


Most professional poker players are just like the rest of us – they work, meet with friends, and live relatively normal lives, albeit with a not-so-normal career choice that sometimes demands irregular working hours. On the other hand, the top level of poker players, those that compete at the highest stakes, are able to afford […]

Updated Ford Ranger Unveiled And America Won’t Get It

2016 ford ranger updated

The Nissan Frontier and Ford Ranger have always been favorites when it comes to small pickup trucks. The Ford Ranger is no more in the US and Canada while the Nissan Frontier has become less attractive over the years. The Ford Ranger is alive and well in many other countries though and Ford has just […]

Rock the Top Colors for Spring with These Street Style Essentials

Photo by kris krüg

Spring is the perfect season to freshen up your look and get excited for the warmer days ahead. This year’s top spring colors have fittingly taken inspiration from nature itself. Saturated reds, warm blues, greens, and bright yellows are popular choices among celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. Why don’t you spring clean your look and […]