This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Presentation is…


This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain gameplay presentation is absolutely terrible and definitely not worth watching, unless of course, you’re a fan of games with incredible gameplay, a deep story, and stunning visuals. Konami may have released the very last trailer for the game, but apparently that doesn’t extend to gameplay presentations. This […]

Gleaming Confidence: the Importance of Good Oral Health

Photo by Joan Sebastián Araújo Arena

It has often been said that a beautiful smile can light up a room, and the writer Max Eastman was telling the truth when he said: “A smile is the universal welcome.” It is also, of course, a wonderful way to build your confidence and self-esteem – some people start their day by smiling at […]

Mini Cooli – Portable Hand Held Air Conditioner

Mini Cooli portable AC unit

Here in Vancouver, BC, the temperate has been higher than normal for this time of the year. Homes here do not usually have air conditioning units since our summers are not considered to be all that hot with an average summer temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course there are the odd days where the […]

ecoATM: Turn Your Old Phones Into Instant Cash


Modern technology is a beautiful thing, every year we’re bombarded with the latest smart phones, tablets, and many other devices that make our lives easier. We all want the latest and greatest, which creates a big problem… old phones and tablets that no one seems to want. I currently have quite the arsenal of old […]

Fortis Terrestis 19Fortis A.M. & P.M. Watches


Here’s another set of elegant looking watches in the Terrestis line from Fortis watches, called the 19Fortis, available in a.m. and p.m. varieties. These watches are based on Fortis watches from the 1940’s with classic looks but more modern sizes. The 19Fortis watches come in 40 mm wide cases and are 7.35 mm thick. The […]

Four Reasons To Start Following The Formula 1 Grand Prix

Photo by Craig Dennis

Men have always followed sports. At present, I can think of football, basketball, and boxing as some of the top sports that entice men into watching matches/games and taking note of athlete/team statistics. One successful and high-revenue generating sport is Formula One. Yet despite it being watched by around 530 million people on any given […]