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Scott’s Super-Duper Secret Manual to the Women Thumbnail

Valentines Day is well behind us, all the chocolates have been eaten, the strawberries have gone bad, and the wine is flat. Personally speaking, it was a wonderful evening, and I hope it was as wonderful for you. There just seems to be one thing that has persisted from this. The complaints of oblivious men [...]

very slow internet

Today's need for speed isn't a mere nice-to-have for Internet users. Although some wax nostalgic at the sound of cool modem sounds from an antique dial-up connection, the idea of actually using outmoded, frustratingly slow Internet services is unimaginable for most of us. I die a little inside each time my internet goes down. Service [...]

Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Thumbnail

Lotus is known for making some very fun to drive sports cars.  Their cars may not have impressive horsepower figures but they make up for the lack of big power by having really light cars.  Small, light cars with decent power make for a very fun and sporty ride.  Now the British carmaker has ventured [...]

climbing shanghai tower

If you've been following Unfinished Man for a while, you may have picked up on my love of climbing. I'm an avid rock climber, and also spent a great many years training Parkour prior. It's great fun. What I don't do... is climb to the top of 2,073ft towers for kicks. I leave that to [...]

fiver person personal submarine

I've never been a big fan of the underwater world and the thought of swimming in the middle of the ocean where it's 100's of feet deep if not more just freaks me out. Although I don't like being out in the water too much, I do enjoy boats and watercraft. There are some pretty [...]

lovely rack

For many decades, addiction has had a dirty stigma attached to it. Some people are sympathetic, some are less than sympathetic, and there are even select groups who have disregarded it as a cop out or a convenient excuse. Sex addiction, just one of many misunderstood afflictions that plague more people than anyone would dare [...]

Land Rover Defender Black & Silver Pack Thumbnail

I have professed my love for the Land Rover Defender on many occasions here at Unfinished Man.  The no-nonsense tough off-roader is one of the oldest designs in the auto industry that looks almost identical to the original vehicle that was introduced many decades ago (the G-Wagon is another such vehicle, which I also love).  [...]

bad poker tell

Poker players know it’s absolutely essential to control those annoying personal signals friends know how to read: the right eye twitch or the left knee bob flashes "I’m not holding a great hand and feeling sick to my stomach" to everyone at the table. Believe me, they can tell. Control of facial expressions and body [...]

daemon and freedom books

I've had a real hankering for Sci-Fi the last few months. Actually, if I've being completely accurate here, I've almost always got a hankering for good Sci-Fi. There's just so much bad stuff that when I find something good - like Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez - I'm really, really excited. So without further [...]

how to buy a designer coat for cheap

So it’s February, and it’s cold. This year in particular has been even more of a doozy, with polar vortexes and freak snow storms and wind chill resulting in temperatures that feel like they could freeze up a man’s moustache, like that scene in Cool Runnings where his dreadlock breaks off. (I’m not entirely certain [...]