10 Natural Skin Care Tips for Men

Photo by Petras Gagillas

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must pause, look in the mirror and recognize the need to change his grooming habits. Regardless of the type of man society claims you to be – butch, metro or somewhere in between, one thing reigns true: there is nothing sexy about cracked skin, wild […]

Bugs Be Gone – NK63 Solar Powered UV Bug Zapper

UV LED bug zapper

I like all of nature from the beautiful scenery to the vast wildlife. The one thing I don’t like about nature although it has a very important role to play are insects. I wouldn’t mind bugs if they went about their business a couple of meters away from me but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to […]

Health Tests Every Man Needs

Photo by Vic

Men have a reputation for skipping the doctor’s office. We’re often terrible at taking care of ourselves and can take our health for granted. It isn’t until we have a heart attack or start to have negative health reactions that we finally think about making some healthier lifestyle changes. However, this reactive way of looking […]

These Super Tuttolente Sunglasses are Super Stylish


I’m not generally one to wear sunglasses, but these shades from the Super Tuttolente Collection look pretty damn sharp. They’re also incredibly light. Tuttolente means “all lens” in Italian, which makes a lot of sense given that these sunglasses are made from a single sheet of Carl Zeiss lens material. If you’ve never before seen […]

Only Watch 2015: Vulcain 50S Presidents’ Cloisonné Grand Feu Pegasus


We’ve written about quite a few unique watches being donated to the Only Watch 2015 charity auction, the latest watch falls more into the category of an art piece for the wrist rather than just a watch. The Vulcain 50S Presidents’ Cloisonné Grand Feu “Only Watch Pegasus” is a one-off miniature painting on a watch. […]

Home Entertainment “Essentials” For Today’s Sports Watcher

Photo by Flash.Pro

The face of home entertainment is changing fast. Online streaming and cable service packages are making big strides and changing the way we watch movies, sports, and TV shows. Trying to navigate all the possible options can be a dreadful task. If you’re not sure what to get, here are the “essentials” for home entertainment. […]

Only Watch 2015: Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 Pièce Unique


Here’s one of the more unique watches at the Only Watch 2015 auction, the Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 Pièce Unique. In addition to traditional time telling feature with the standard three hands, the watch also comes with a GMT complication. However, it’s no ordinary GMT, instead of housing a third big hand on the […]