Dying Light: Gameplay Trailer – Parkour in the Land of Zombies

dying light parkour

Between June 10th and 12th, we’re going to see a whole lot of video game news. Why? Because it’s time for E3 2014 of course! You see, E3… E3 never changes. We’ll see women wearing almost nothing, more sequels to sequels – like Halo 600 or whatever number they’re at – and if we’re really […]

Planning YOUR Trip to the World Cup… Sort of…


The countdown to the World Cup is at hand! For World Cup novices, this football (soccer) tournament has been held every four years – since 1930!  It’s the world’s most-awaited sporting event. Previous World Cup hosts have included the United States, France, South Africa, and Germany. This year, Brazil is the host! And sports writers […]

2015 Lincoln MKC

Lincoln MKC Media Drive

After successfully launching a whole slew of new vehicles, Ford recently started working on refreshing their luxury car division, Lincoln. Late last year, the Lincoln MKC small-SUV was showcased, with sales starting this month. The Lincoln MKC is based on the Ford Escape, but the styling is more sophisticated and mature looking. This entry-level SUV […]

Rugged, Adrenalin-Packed Diving Vacations in Asia


Asia offers some of the world’s most beautiful destinations for diving. For experienced divers, the adrenalin rush of exploring the natural underwater beauty of the region is unparalleled! There’s nothing like it on earth: Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia), Mergiu Archipelago (Myanmar), Raja Ampat Islands (Indonesia), Komodo Island (Indonesia), Tulamben, Bali (Indonesia), Andaman Islands (India), and Kerama […]

World’s Most Expensive Bicycle


I’m not one of those people that would “hate” on someone for spending their money on lavish things like expensive cars, watches etc. I see way too many of these “haters” on YouTube commenting on videos of people enjoying their Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I say good for them, it’s their money and they can spend […]

How To Plan A Romantic Mini-Break

couple holding hands on vacation

It’s not easy being a guy. I blame Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex And The City disciples for giving the world an unrealistic expectation of what relationships should be like, of what being romantic means, and what falling in love feels like. Not only has SATC given women around the world a bit of a […]

Brazil Only: Ford Troller T4 4×4

Ford Troller T4

The Ford Troller T4 4×4 is one of the coolest new off-road vehicles I’ve seen in a while; unfortunately it’s only available in Brazil. The vehicle is built by a Brazilian company called Troller Veiculos Especiais and badged and sold under the Ford name. Everyone on the interwebs seems to be very excited by this […]