Hot Girl, Boobs, and a Toyota Supra Drift Car


There really isn’t much to say about this video and chances are, you are not even reading this and the video above will have your full attention for the rest of your “work” day. Watch what happens when a beautiful girl goes drifting as the passenger in a Toyota Supra.

As a friend suggested to me earlier today, instead of measuring the power of a car using standard horsepower, maybe all vehicles should be measured by the number of buttons it can pop off the top of a sexy and busty woman. If that does become the industry standard for measuring vehicle power, the boys at Unfinished Man are changing careers and becoming professional race car drivers.

But then again, it would be quite difficult to focus on the road if I know what’s happening with the passenger and her shirt. Also, notice in the video how she is not wearing a helmet. Thankfully, she has dual-airbags available.


  1. Shane T says

    Haha, he was right! I replayed the video a few times and maybe paused it too at right moment, lol. You need a section dedicated to boobs and only boobs.

  2. TheAHs says

    Unfinished man = unfinished video.
    This video has been cut JUST before things become interesting.
    YouTube’s censorship is amazing.
    Humanity needs more boobs.

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