Audi e-Bike Concept


We’ve written about a few electric bicycles in the past, while these bikes were technologically advanced, they lacked in the styling department.  The Audi e-Bike Worthersee concept electric bike not only features state of the art technology but comes with the same elegant styling found on Audi automobiles.

Unlike other electric bicycles, the Audi e-Bike concept is made for doing tricks and wheelies and of course, regular commuting.  The bike is produced by using lightweight materials such as Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) in the frame and the wheels.  The frame weighs only 3.53 pounds (1.6 kg) and the wheels weigh 1.32 lbs (0.6 kg), the entire bike weighs 46.3 lbs (21 kg) with the motor and lithium-ion battery pack.

Audi e-bike Worthersee

The lithium-ion battery pack weighs 11 pounds and is housed in the bike frame and has a capacity of 530 Wh and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours using a 230V outlet.  The Audi electric bicycle can be ridden in five modes, selected on a touch screen, with a “pure” mode that uses peddling as a power source to move the bike.  Other modes consist of various levels of motor assistance with peddling, a pure electric mode, and most importantly, the “wheelie” mode, which I’m assuming assists with wheelies- a very handy mode for people like me that can’t do wheelies.

The electric motor is place low in the bike frame for an optimum center of gravity and produces 3 horsepower (2.3 kW).  When the peddle/motor assist mode is chosen, the bike can travel up to 50 mph (80 km/h) for 31 – 44 miles.  When pure electric mode is chosen, the bike can travel at speeds of up to 31 mph.

The Audi e-bike concept looks pretty stylish and fun but my main concern is the price, which will probably be more than a motorcycle if ever produced.  I also have another concern, which is the seat (if you want to call it that), it looks super uncomfortable and my arse hurts just by looking at these pictures.

Audi electric bicycle

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