YouTube Channels For Men: What No One Is Talking About

Creating a successful YouTube channel is not an easy job. A lot of creators rely on daily video uploading, contemporary marketing strategies and organic growth services that help them grow YouTube followers.

A recent study revealed that almost 720,000 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every single day. And, what’s more, astonishing that 90-percent of viewers in all categories are male!

Unfortunately, most YouTube videos offer little value. As a result, the audience watches them for a little and move onto another channel. But, there are also some dedicated yet strategic creators out there.

These content creators have built a huge loyal community by uploading quality data regularly and making men their target audience.

In today’s post, we will talk about something that nobody talks about; the best YouTube channels for men. Watching these channels is not only going to change your life forever. But, it will also give you an insight into successful YouTube channel creation. Let’s dive in!

The Adult Man

Started back in 2016, The Adult Man is all about self-improvement and ways to become a better man. Its founder, Dean Stephens, works in a team with William Barton. Both of them create videos, manage the YouTube channel, and update the website.

The channel focuses on all important aspects of an adult man, such as:

  • Fashion & style
  • Hair & grooming
  • Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Self-development

You can find educational videos, guides, and reviews of men’s products too. These guys upload one or two videos every month with an average period of 5-minutes.


The BeardBrand’s journey began in 2012 when Eric Bandholz traveled to Portland for a West Coast Beard & Mustache Championship. This particular trip changed Eric’s vision, and he started sharing his passion for beard with the online world.

He created a blog, Tumblr account, and YouTube channel for Beardbrand. Ever since then, his brand has exploded. Working in a team of 3, Eric Bandholz is revolutionizing the world for beards men. He uploads daily videos on beard styles, grooming, trimming, products, and whatnot. Beardbrand’s average video span is 15-minutes.

Jeremy Fragrance

The 32-year old Daniel Sredzinski is the man behind the popular channel Jeremy Fragrance. Although his real name is Daniel, most people refer to him as Jeremy.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Daniel shares his expertise on perfume industry. He reviews products and helps people make the right decision when it comes to improving their style. Several popular brands have collaborated with him to market their products, and now he even has his own perfume brand fragrance line.
He uploads 2 to 4-videos per day and offers small bursts of information every few hours to keep his audience engaged.
He has a huge male audience and a lot of fans.

Alex Costa

Alex Costa, having worked at Google & YouTube, has a unique story to his channel. Alex quitted his six-figure job at YouTube to become a YouTuber.

He started pursuing what he loved. At first, he kept his day job while filming videos at night. Alex tried everything from instant hacks to gaming videos. But, it was his video on men’s grooming that helped him discover his niche.

Alex Costa creates videos about men’s style and fashion. He shares tips and tricks to become a better version of yourself.

Since most men do not feel comfortable talking about these topics, Alex helps them with online videos. He uploads content twice or thrice a week, with an average period of 10-minutes.




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