Wolf vs Goat – The “It’s Bloody Cold Out” Fall/Winter Edition

If you had asked me a few years ago where I spent a good amount of my time, my answer would have unequivocally been StyleForum.

I loved clothing with a fiery passion, and that was the place to find the latest and greatest stuff. Though I no longer frequent SF (I’m too busy writing pieces for you jerks), I still love the thrill of finding well constructed, timeless pieces of clothing and gear. Unfortunately, even the best made clothing wears out, and in the last few months I’ve realized that my wardrobe is in serious need of some refreshment.

A Few Selections from Wolf vs Goat…

A while back I wrote about Wolf vs Goat, a small clothing company run by my friend, Mauro Farinelli. He sells 100% American made clothing for reasonable prices, and I happen to like the stuff. Good thing I finally need to throw away over half of my clothing.

Note: I would normally donate these clothes to a charitable foundation, but they’re absolutely ruined. I work and play hard.

Now, with that out of the way, here’s a selection of items I’ve got my eye on from Wolf vs Goat’s latest collection…


This is the Cranberry Roll Neck, and if you ask me, it’s a nutbuster. Why? Simple: it’s made out of bamboo and sorona fiber. Bamboo is one of my favorite materials ever. It’s light, it’s soft, it dries very quickly, and it’s also anti-microbial.

The main problem with bamboo as a clothing material is that it shrinks like crazy. That’s where the sorona fiber comes in. Sorona is corn based, and word on the street is that it has some magical properties that help a shirt maintain it’s size.


Above we’ve got the Navy Crewneck Sweater. Why do I like this? It’s a lovely shade of blue, it’s merino, and it’s fucking cold here in Montreal, Canada. I’m down to one decent sweater, which means sad times as the temperature continues to drop.


I love me some henleys, and this one looks great. I’m not usually one for such a pale shade of blue, but I think I could actually pull this one off.

What About the Eskimo Shirt?

Ah hah! You’re right, I’ve left this one for last, and for good reason. Mauro calls it the Eskimo Print Shirt, and I call it “fucking awesome”. I would wear this bad boy un-ironically any day of the week.

But… I know not everyone shares my passion for Eskimos and clubbing, so for the rest of you, head on over to the official Wolf vs Goat website and take a look around. Many of you have been bothering me to write more fashion articles, so consider this the first of many.




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