Why The Nissan Note Is The City Man’s Car

When you think of a Nissan Note, do you think of it as a man’s car? Probably not. What you should be aware of is that the idea of gendering cars like that is very outdated. People know this too. That’s why the Nissan Note is becoming the car for the city man. It’s got all you need for the metropolitan lifestyle. Here’s a list of reasons why.


The Nissan Note is a reasonably small car. It’s a compact rectangular shape that can fit down narrow back alleys and squeeze into those tiny parking spaces. If you live in a city, you have to be familiar with both these things. Being able to fit comfortably into a parking space is the biggest boon for a city car. We all know how annoying it can be when someone parks too close to the space dividing line. We know how infuriating it is when a huge monster of a car encroaches on your space. With a Nissan Note, you can squeeze in almost anywhere and still have space to comfortably get out too.


What good is a car you can’t find? You can find a Nissan dealership with such ease in a city. Even if it’s right on the outskirts, you don’t have to go far to find one. That makes buying the car a pretty smooth experience. Even if you have to return to the showroom once in a while to fill out forms, it’s not a very long trip is it? The secondary bonus of a readily available car is that you can get parts for it anywhere and anytime. Who cares if you’ve got a rare 1986 Ferrari if you can’t even get the spare parts for it to run anymore? With a Nissan Note, you’re guaranteed to have the right parts found if repairs need to be made. No special orders and no custom parts needing fabricating.


Despite its compact nature, the Nissan Note has a lot of space in it. You can comfortably fit five people. The trunk space is pretty incredible too. If you’re planning to take a holiday you can fit all your bags in there with ease. If you’re not, you can easily fit a spare tire or two in the back along with a toolkit and car jack. Just in case of emergency, or a little maintenance.


It’s a smooth ride. Some city streets can be a little bumpy and rough. With the Nissan Note, you almost glide over them like it was nothing. It’s pretty effective even on country roads too if you decide to leave the city for a while.

Modern Conveniences

If you like digital radio, air conditioning, and satellite navigation in your car, the Nissan Note is for you. All three of these things can make your drive significantly better. No maps. No sweaty, stale warm air on those summer drives. Some nice radio chatter in your ear to keep you company too. All built directly into the car with no fuss needed.

If you weren’t convinced by this car at the start, you should be now.




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