Why is Sex Tourism on the Rise?

Tourism always was and will be popular and necessary. As such, types of tourism can be different and one of them is sex tourism.

For some, this is a new, unknown concept, for others, it inspires outrage and fear, and for some, it brings voluptuous memories of wonderful trips to exotic countries. Sex tourism is a journey with the aim of obtaining sexual sensations (perhaps by indulging with some ravishing Manchester escorts or seeking another kind of pleasure on Twitter), in search of something that cannot be obtained at home.

Initially, not many people were engaged in sex tourism, and there were very few places for sex tourism – perhaps, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Today, many countries of the world are open to sex tourism. It is not just a journey; many consider this type of vacation to be the best because, in other countries, you can get any sexual satisfaction that you always wanted.

Sex is treated aesthetically and culturally in Amsterdam

Different countries provide sex tourists with sexual pleasures with an emphasis on the specifics and national flavor of a particular country. Holland is the most “adult” country of sex tourism, namely, its city of Amsterdam. Here, in the Red Light District, sexual tourists are provided with any kind of sex pleasures – from epic gay men to depraved prostitutes. In Amsterdam, there is also a Museum of Pornography and the “Casa Rosso” Sex Theater, which allows tourists to treat sex not only consumeristically, but also from the aesthetic and cultural side.

Sexual roleplay in different countries

The countries of South America are also open to sex tourism and sex tourists who want to get sexual pleasures with the flavor of Latin American countries. Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, the countries of the East as a whole are exquisite geisha who, for money, can become a concubine, a slave, and a servant for clients. In a word, sex tourism makes everyone feel like having sex in any role – master or slave.

Sex tourism for different genders

Many believe that only men are fond of sex tourism. However, this is not the case, women also often go in search of new sexual sensations. In addition, in many cities, whole sex symposia are organized, to which people come both in pairs and singly. Single-sex tourists are the so-called “male cats” and “female cats” who walk by themselves and take everything from life.

Very often, sex tours are called trips in search of wives for those who want to “shake off the old days.” Pedophiles carry out “sex tours” to some Asian countries, in particular Cambodia and Thailand, in search of juvenile partners. And it just became popular among entertainment seekers to ride across different countries and continents in search of adventure. Finnish businesses regularly organize sex tours to Estonia for male-dominated businesses. Besides Estonia, tours are also organized to other Baltic countries and Russia.

Geography of sex tourism

It is quite extensive and traditional since it was formed several decades ago. In Europe, this is the Mediterranean region – mostly Italy and France, less – Spain, as well as the Benelux countries. There are several world centers of the sex industry, which means sex tourism, sex pilgrimages if you like: these are, first of all, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil (and partly Argentina) and, remarkably, socialist Cuba.

The most interesting thing is that sex tourism is most developed in Japan, despite the fact that the Japanese, according to the results of the annual survey, were the most indifferent to sexual pleasures and do “this” only 36 times a year. So either they lied, or they only considered what was at home …

Prostitution is legal in Austria

In addition to sex with VIP facilities, time-tested traditional services are very widespread. In Austria, prostitution is a legitimate profession. Traditional, classic sex is allowed to engage from the age of 14 (adulthood). Finding a prostitute is easy. Any kiosk sells specialized magazines with photos, parameters, phone numbers, and addresses of prostitutes. Similar information is published in regular newspapers and journals (in more than 30% of all Austrian periodicals). Special sex guides are also sold.

The exchange of sexual services for money is legal in the UK

In England, prostitution is not prohibited by law. Most of the prostitutes in England are not registered and are not official representatives of the oldest profession. But this does not mean that if you are willing and able, you can find tons of escorts by different types: nationalities, body type, service type, region, etc.


Sole proprietorship in Holland

Prostitution in Holland is officially equated to individual private business. The sex workers are listed there as individual small entrepreneurs. They buy a license from the city authorities, pay a certain predetermined monthly fee, rent an apartment with a glass window-showcase in the aforementioned block, furnish it as far as imagination and desire are enough, and – go ahead!

Love, sex, including for money, in Israel have their own specifics. The most successful

Hospitality in Asia

From time immemorial, Thais were famous for their hospitality. Serving guests, doing everything to make them feel good with us is a respected business. About 350 thousand Europeans annually rest in Thailand. The Ministry of Family Affairs states that up to 70 percent of Europeans visiting the countries of the South Asian region go there for sexual entertainment.

Scandinavian sex industry

Finland is not the most successful country for sex tourism, the nightlife even in the capital of Helsinki is not very diverse. Several nightclubs, entrance to which is allowed from 18 years old, in some – from 25 years old, depending on the level of the club. There is no red light district in Helsinki, although prostitution is legal and prostitutes are registered. You will not see prostitutes on the street. This is prohibited by law. The main contingent of Finnish prostitutes is Estonian citizens.

Countries in which prostitution is under strict secrecy

Voluptuous people are better off not going to the countries of the “Thousand and One Nights” at all. Their romantic journey can end very sadly. Even trying to talk to a stranger in Egypt entails handcuffing and deportation. And that’s the best case. And at worst, like in Yemen, death under a hail of stones. However, a commercial love industry exists even in this region. Prostitutes in Arab countries work under a veil of strict secrecy.

The most passionate women on the planet

In order to spin a love affair in Barbados, it is enough to sit down with a lady resting on the beach and talk to her on various topics for 5-10 minutes. The readiness for dialogue of Barbados women is evidenced by their open swimsuits and the seductive poses that they take while bathing in the hot rays of the equatorial sun. According to the reviews of sex tourists who have seen the types of sex tourists, black Guyanese are the most passionate women on the planet. In sex they are virtuosos. Accept and love everything except group sex. Few approve of sex tourism, but many like it, moreover, often people live sex tourism, not imagining their existence without it.




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