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Who are they?

Whispark is a specialist international dating website that helps young people to expand their dating opportunities. The website focuses on the dreams of meeting “the one” person to build a lovely long-term relationship and isn’t for anyone looking for something casual. Whispark promotes instant flowing and meaningful conversations.

Whether you reside in Asia, Latin America or Europe, Whispark is committed to allow you to search the world for your true love, and broaden your experiences with women. Their team is very passionate and committed to giving you your best shot with the ladies.

Currently, Whispark thrives with the connection of customers with women from countries such as China, Estonia, Latvia, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine.

Why choose Whispark?

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The perfect partner for many people may find that their perfect partner is on the opposite side of the earth, and Whispark has a great understanding of this by allowing you to connect to women across the globe. Whispark does their best to deliver trustworthy dating, and gathers people who believe in love, if they’re ready to discover new people online.

Whispark takes confidentiality and privacy very seriously, with a strict verification process, taking great measures to prevent fraud on their platform. If you want a real, credible relationship then becoming a member might just be the right idea for you.

Features and experience

Making an account on Whispark only takes 30 seconds, and gives you instant access to all of their free features, which include a free chat trial, ability to check a virtual gift, you can send/receive your first letter, and get a free photo coupon. On top of that, once you verify your email address you get two free chat vouchers, helping you to reply to all of those instant messages you’ll receive from active women on the website.

From the get-go you can pick from eight stunning women to super match, showing them your profile which is easy and quick to build. You also have the option to send them pre-made messages to open your conversation with a zinger, and start the interest immediately.

The site has its own currency in credits which can be used to purchase more options to connect with beautiful potential partners. At only $1.99 for 20 credits, you get a bonus of two cash coupons, two letter coupons, and two melody coupons attached in your order. These give you much more personality to show to your future partners and grant access to some of the website’s wonderful features.

Active members of the website also receive access to a giveaway for photo vouchers, which you can use to view any woman’s photo to keep your interest peaking. Vouchers on Whispark increase connectivity and accordance with others across many continents, such as giveaway vouchers – however they cannot be accumulated through to the next day, so be sure to log in the next day to keep your interactions with potential dates going.

VIP membership

Purchasing VIP membership is a great upgrade on the standard subscription to the website, which you can save 40% on by paying only $90 per month for 6 months, to give you the following perks:

  • Unlimited first letters sent to all the women you are interested in.
  • Unlimited first letters read from all the women who like you.
  • You can view an unlimited amount of public photos for free.
  • Virtual gifts sent to you can be viewed for free.
  • You get 2,100 instant free messages (subject to daily limit).
  • One key to contact eight women who may be possible partners.
  • The ability to like all women’s photos for free.
  • Priority to be recommended to new friends.
  • You’re able to check out who likes and/or views you.
  • See who requests your photos.
  • You can check out who pokes you.
  • And you can see who adds you to their favorites list.

A little more of…

A charity project from Whispark. Upon purchase of any amount of credit, Whispark has a mission to promote love and caring all across the world, including with those who are less fortunate.

This mission provides life essentials to students in suburbs who long for a better life, such as stationary, clothes, shoes and other needed items for those in need in third world countries.

Customer Reviews…

I can’t believe I would still meet my love even after divorced for years, at my this age. As first, I wasn’t attracted by Lili, she is not as beautiful as other ladies on the site, but she is the most caring one. While chatting with her, she always cares about me, how my day was going, was I happy and so on. Gradually, she walks into my heart and I can’t live without her. We both have chemistry on each other. On Valentine’s day, we planed a meeting and got married again. Don’t be disappointed about love, you will find true love like us eventually. ~Peter M

To the Whispark team, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Whispark really helped me a lot because my Chinese lady and i are planning marriage, I’m studying Chinese so that eventually when we meet, we can communicate better! When the time is right and we marry, I will submit a testimonial and write positive reviews on other sites about how I met my special lady here on Whispark.

There are many illegitimate dating sites out there and it can get quite costly. I feel confident in continuing using Whispark! ~Travis J




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