What Men Want: 3 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas

Gifting is not really a ritual but just a gesture to show how much you appreciate the other person in your life. There are several occasions to make gifting special, but Valentine’s Day has its own charm. If you are intending to make this day extraordinary, or at least different than the usual Valentine’s day every year, you need to first avoid the customary gifting pattern. Don’t make gifts a burden!

Having said that, why don’t you try varieties this year. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might have several things running in your head. Let’s put everything together and decide what’s best for your man.

What’s best? – It is always better to know what your man likes. Unlike women, men mostly have different tastes, and they would really appreciate you being practical while gifting them. Instead of trying the usual dine-out and movies, you can actually be a part of what they like. After all, this particular day is about couples and needs to include both. If it had to be an individual activity, you would have chosen occasions like birthdays.

Here are a few ideas on what you can gift your man this upcoming Valentine’s day. Pick what suits him and make the most of the special date.

3 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Plan a Movie at Home
Guys love to binge watch movies with their favorite beer. If you haven’t appreciated them doing that, this is the right time to make them feel comfortable. Pick his favorite movies, or movies that he wanted to watch since long, then grab some beers (or whatever you both like) and surprise him with a home-theatre like an ambiance. Dim down the lights and watch them back to back.

Also, plan your lunch and dinner beforehand to avoid being confused at the last minute and then spending your precious moments there.

2. Gift of His Type
This generally goes out for both the genders. If you have been with your man for long, you’d definitely know what things he loves to do, and gift him accordingly. For instance, if he is an avid reader, gift him a set of fine books that he might love to read next; if he likes photography and traveling, gift a gear or a G-Pro for the purpose; if he is into sports, gift an accessory; and if he likes to party, take him to a nice club and enjoy the evening with him.

3. Couple’s Spa
This might sound a little weird, but honestly, who doesn’t love a little pampering? If you are wondering why a couple’s spa, then you need to read the third paragraph!

A couple spa will include a couple’s massage that is offered in a private room, side-by-side and is done by two therapists. This will be followed by a sauna, hot showers or hot tubs and more amenities to enjoy throughout.

Don’t make this special day just about the same old gifts that has been lying in the house for years. Make it memorable and worth spending time and money.




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