Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Daily Commute

With the average cost for commuters in America at $2,600 per year according to Smart Asset, it’s no wonder that many workers are looking at ways they can keep more of their hard-earned cash in their pocket and not into the hands of transport companies. So, if you’re looking to reduce how much you’re spending on your travel to work, we’ve got a roundup of the best ways you can spend less.

Season tickets

Are you still buying a daily ticket on public transport? Purchasing a weekly, monthly or even yearly ticket in advance could mean making big savings in your overall transport cost.

It could also mean that you have access to the journey on weekends at no additional cost. So, if you are meeting friends for a drink in the City on a Saturday evening, travel costs may be one expense you don’t need to worry about.

Walk or Cycle

If you live close enough to your workplace or train station, then consider walking or cycling instead of driving or getting a bus. Not only will you save on a portion of your travel expenses, but you should begin notice the benefits as you’ll be much fitter and healthier as a result of the extra exercise you won’t even notice you’re doing.


Do you have a colleague that lives nearby? Consider carsharing and either taking it in turns to give each other lifts to and from work or if only one of you has a car, then you can split the petrol costs each day. This means if there are two of you, you’ll be halving your petrol spend which can add up throughout the months and year. Of course, the more of you who live locally, the more efficient it will be.


Everyone usually enjoys little conveniences and paying a small amount to park close to your building can feel needed. However, although it might seem like a small amount to pay each day, this will soon add up over time. Consider parking a little further away from your workplace or station if it means you won’t need to pay a parking charge. As mentioned above, you’ll save money and the walk could be great for your well-being.

Leave earlier if driving

If you find yourself constantly in the middle of rush hour traffic on your way to work, then consider leaving slightly earlier to avoid it. By skipping the traffic, you’ll be consuming less petrol and therefore saving money in the long run. In a lot of cases, even leaving just 10 minutes earlier could save you a lot of time – especially if it means avoiding the school-runs!


Travelling some distance to work is something that most people will have to do in their lifetime. It’s important that the costs of getting to and from work are reduced in order to keep your hard-earned money for other priorities including bills. If you find yourself struggling one month with your income and outgoings, then looking into a form of finance such as payday loans may be an option for you.



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