Ways to increase your Fitness Motivation

Getting up in the morning is hard enough, but when you know you have a workout, it’s even harder. You might want that ripped abdomen, or those chiseled biceps to entice the hot chick on the beach, but getting there, that’s a whole other story? Want to know how you could get yourself to do a workout? Just read these five ways to motivate yourself for a workout.

Set a Ritual for the Pre-workout
Our brains are amazing. Once you program your brain to associate two concepts, it’ll always do that. If you want an easier time convincing your brain that yeah, it’s time to get down and dirty, find a ritual that you’ll begin to associate with it by habit. Put your sneakers near the door, down your ceremonial caffeine boost or just strap on your fitness watch- when your body knows it’s time for your workout, you’ll work out.

Change the Scenery
Running on a treadmill next to a hot chick might be an incentive to hit the gym on most days, but after some time it’ll get old. If you’re serious about your workout, mix things up a little with your workout. Running along the sidewalk or biking are great ways to change the scenery.

Give yourself a Real Reward…
Don’t say something like ‘I’m going to buy something when I run for 30 minutes a day’ when starting a workout. Setting specific goals, like buying your favorite smoothie or laying back to watch an episode of Game of Thrones are much better incentives.

… or a Real Penalty
Everybody hates losing money. So, the next time you commit to a workout, do it in front of a pal. Whenever you miss out on a workout, you’ll literally pay for it (and that’s on top of the gym membership fees).

Get Social
Losing money for missing workouts will only get you to complete your workouts, but if you want to want to complete it, the best thing to do is to get yourself a fitness squad. The laughter, teasing, and camaraderie of a fitness tribe should have you heading out the door without the drag in no time.



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