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Who is she?

Violet Summers (born November 28, 1999), is an American Instagram influencer, model and actress at 21 years of age. In April 2020, she was named Penthouse Pet of the Month, a prestigious award from the American edition of Penthouse magazine. She is known for wearing lingerie or swimwear on her social media posts.

Early life

Violet Summers was born in Phoenix, AZ on November 28, 1999. She has a twin sister named Riley who she got along well with, and now proceeds to work with her in the Porn industry.

violet summer shooters shirt

During Violet’s childhood, she grew up as a dancer and cheerleader. She “spent every waking minute playing outside” which is reflective in her colorful Instagram posts, often outdoors next to billboards or in the midst of nature. She was also strongly interested in tennis, and joined a local high school’s sporting activities in 2012 to set her figure up for the beauty that it is today.


Violet began her at only 17 years of age, achieving large success once approached to model, which spiralled upwards into a wildly successful career, alongside her acting in the Porn industry.

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The self-proclaimed fitness fanatic boasts a net worth of $700,000 and gained traction for her flavorful Instagram posts, amassing close to 11 million followers as of today.

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In 2020, Violet is now a recognized adult movie star with a rather large fan base, akin to her social media following.

Fame and beauty

After Violet Summers’ dream was kickstarted in her late teens, she gained a mass following – the size of which has doubled in recent years. Having such a big audience has beckoned the need to maintain her figure with vigorous daily exercise routines and makeup innovation to tempt the consumer’s eyes to her page, and to hit that follow button.

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Along with her magazine cover makeup looks and vivacious style, Violet works with many popular brands to amass her fame and wealth, as well as becoming an ambassador for hot products; such as Nike, Jordan, and many others.

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Not only has she worked in the adult film industry, but also in smaller acting gigs such as her comedy video with @ianedwardscomic and @paulelia_ on Instagram, in Roommates Ep #25 which shows she isn’t just a pretty face, however she does have that going for her too.

violet summers purple sweater

If you’re into gamers, you’re in luck! The avid Rocket League playing Violet Summers loves to cosplay. She was Violet Parr from The Incredibles, D.Va from Overwatch, Batgirl, you name it!


  • For the gents, according to Violet, when asked about her ideal man she is on the lookout for someone who is “older than me, intelligent, and hard to read. He has to make me laugh, and laugh with me at the stuff I will definitely get us into.
  • Violet is said to enjoy playing Rocket League, hiking, long-boarding and spending time with her lovely cats when she has time away from her work.
  • Summers comes in at 5 feet and 1 inch tall, just below the average height of women of her age in America. However, she weighs 115 lbs, far lower than the average 170.6 lbs.
  • Her zodiac sign is a Sagittarius, reflecting her optimistic love of freedom, and her honest and intellectual capabilities.
  • Her diet is very strict, including the avoidance of any food with extra calories or sugar, and keeps a regular exercise pattern with the likes of cardio and other intense workouts. She isn’t one to skip leg day.
  • Violet’s measurements come in at 34C for her bust size, 23 inches for her waist below her navel, and 35 inches for her hips.
  • The Office (US version), Rick and Morty, and Roseanne are among her favorite TV shows.
  • Summers’ favorite movies include anything with Adam Sandler or Seth Rogan in them.
  • Tacos and lemonade combine to make her favorite food to eat/drink.
  • Toochi Kash (another Instagram model with 5.5 million followers as of today) has worked alongside Violet on July 27, 2020. Violet is open for collaborations as per request via her Instagram direct messages.
  • Marital status: currently unknown.



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