Up Your Dating Game with the 5 Love Languages

Have you ever given a gift to a partner and felt like she wasn’t as impressed or thankful as she should be? Have you ever tried to show affection to a woman and craved the same in return? Chances are, you’re speaking a different love language. When you learn the love language of your significant other, and they learn yours, the ability to feel and receive love improves significantly.

There are Five Love Languages that, when understood and utilized accordingly, can significantly impact how your significant other feels loved by you. When they learn your love language in return, it can be the key to unlocking a deeper appreciation and love for each other. 

Quality Time

This is the idea that time spent together is the ultimate love. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, but you are taking time to spend together makes the person feel extra special and appreciated. This is undivided time spent with each other that is engaging and creates a connection. If you want to make your partner feel extra special, setting aside time to be together and experience new things makes your significant other feel all the more special. 

If you or your significant other just want to connect, planning an outing is the ultimate way of saying “I love you.” Some of these outings can be as simple as a walk in the park, but one way to show love is through a planned event. Consider taking a new class together – this could be flower arranging, cooking, or even a dance class. This shows your partner that you are thinking of them and putting forethought into your one-on-one time.  

Acts of Service

Other people feel love best through acts of service. This is the idea that when you perform acts of selflessness or service for your partner, you show them the ultimate love. Has your partner made a honey-do list on which you may have dropped the ball? Perhaps it’s time to reflect on ways you can begin incorporating those needs and desires into your schedule; this can ultimately cut down on frustration and lead to more love being given in return.

Other ways you can show love through acts of service is by working together on a project, helping to clean your home together, or even giving a nice massage. When service is done for a person that speaks this language, they, in turn, want to serve you to show you, love. In this way, love is amplified.

Words of Affirmation

This love language is all about speaking well of and to your significant other. Be mindful of how you speak about them to others and to them in particular. That is the ultimate symbol of love when you say positive and uplifting things about your partner in front of them and to others. They feel appreciated and safe with you, because you express it through your words.

Saying “I love you” is only a fraction of what words of affirmation mean. It praises their actions, talents, efforts, looks, personality, and passions. Saying something positive about them in front of your friends shows them how much you value them. You can also write a meaningful note. Ultimately, kinder words to them lead to kinder words to you. 

Gift Giving/Receiving

Giving gifts to your partner who speaks this love language is well received. The surprise of a gift shows your significant other that you are thinking of them. A gift as simple as flowers, sometimes undervalued, can make your partner feel loved. A well-selected arrangement can brighten their mood; every time they look at them, it will remind them of you and your thoughtfulness. Gifts can also be as elaborate as a weekend away, but ultimately, the thoughtfulness behind the gift has the biggest impact. In return, your partner will also express their love towards you with thoughtful gifts – elaborate, meaningful, or otherwise. 

Physical Touch

This love language is exactly that, being touched. Many people associate this with a person’s sexual desires, but physical touch goes beyond the sexual and can be simple and innocent. Hugs, holding hands, a little squeeze on the shoulder, and foot/hand massage are all simple but impactful ways to show love throughout the day to your partner, who receives love best through physical touch. This can also extend to a massage and intimate time together. The small acts throughout the day lead to a more meaningful experience of intimate love later. 

Learn it, Live it, and Love it

Do you already have an idea of what your love language is or the love language of your significant other? You can take the test to learn more. Once you learn these simple yet effective ways of expressing love on your partner’s level, and they learn yours; your relationship will improve. 

Ultimately, when people feel loved, they are more likely to show love in return.




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