The Ultimate James Bond Experience- A Boat is Not Enough

Eventually, we’ll all get the Skyfall crazies out of our system, and we’ll go back to being obsessed about bacon and not Bond. However, today is not that day! There are a ton of Bond themed activities out there, but one of my favorites that I’ve seen in a while is aptly named The Ultimate James Bond Experience. One of the most hilariously awesome/bad/mostly awesome scenes in the more recent 007 movies is the chase on the River Thames in The World is Not Enough, and you can live it if you visit London.

The Ultimate James Bond Experience- A Boat is Not Enough

the ultimate james bond experience rib boat thames

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that you and the boat will be jettisoned out into the sky like a missile, but you DO get an hour long ride down the Thames with Bond music blaring. Unless you’re pregnant. Don’t be pregnant, because a) you’re a guy b) this ride will shake [not stir] that baby right out of you and c) if you’re already pregnant the sexiness of being a super spy won’t be able to impregnate you again.

the ultimate james bond experience rib boat thames

The Ultimate James Bond Experience promises that you’ll dart back and forth over civilian and commercial wake as you maneuver through hair pin turns . If you’re not a boat kind of guy, it means your crazed driver will throw you at the breaking walls of water that are formed behind other vehicles like a suicidal ramp jumping internet dog on a skateboard. In fact, the reviews state that you’ll often leave the water all together, and that the ‘please hold on’ warning is not at all just British politeness and fuddy duddery. The RIBs (rigid, inflatable boats- there’s a dirty Bond joke in here somewhere) that you ride are extremely light weight… in a regular boat, 245hp is nothing at all. But if you strap that to a RIB, you’ll be leaving MI5 and MI6 headquarters faster than James with his eye on a new piece of honeypot tail.

the ultimate james bond experience rib boat thames

If you’ve never seen the famous boat scene from the world is not enough, I’m including it here, just because it’s worth it to see Pierce Brosnan sputter up river water,  while trying to maintain dignity in his soggy tux. As a disclaimer, I feel confident in saying that this ride does not have depth charges, mounted machine guns, secret grenade launcher compartments, and I’m fairly certain you won’t jump out of the water to shoot down the streets or head on ram another boat and magically go spiralling through the air completely fine. Pretty considerate of them, I’d say, seeing as the chase ends in a fireball of death.

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You can get on one of the 12 person boats for $57. Been to any other Bond-esque attractions? Share them with us!




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