Travel Ideas – Mike Barish Talks Daycations

In an earlier post, I talked about the benefits of planning your weekend ahead of time, but what if you want to do more than spend a night on the town with friends? That’s where travel guru Mike Barish comes in. In this video, Mike talks about the benefits of single day vacations – or daycations – and provides some helpful suggestions on when best to take them, what to bring along, and how best to enjoy them. 

Real Take On Daycations

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Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I had never actually heard of daycations before Mike’s PR company contacted me. The term may sound a bit hokey, but I like the idea of taking a mini-vacation during the work week, and I imagine it being a lot easier for an office worker to book a day or two off and see a local site than try to book a few weeks off to fly overseas. I also see this as an excellent opportunity to try new restaurants and venues that are close to home. I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life, and I’m still finding new restaurants to try. I think that taking the occasional daycation would help expedite that process.

You’ll find more interesting travel tips on Mike Barish’s official travel blog.




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