Transform Your Favourite Machine Into a Tech Dream!

I would guess that when most of our readers thought about their favourite machine, a car immediately came to mind. As we get older, cars become our new favourite toys. We update them, upgrade them and save for the more expensive models. We grow from posting pinups on our bedroom walls to parking them on our driveways. But, if you’re like me, you want a little more than a speed machine. You want your vehicle to be embedded with the latest tech wonders on the market. That’s the modern petrol head’s dream, isn’t it? So, let’s make it a reality by thinking about the different pieces of tech you want in your vehicle.

Always Watching

Yeah, this isn’t so much fun as beneficial and practical. I recommend that you start kitting out your car by investing in a couple of cameras. You want one for the front and one for the back. A lot of new cars actually come with this feature included in the price. That should tell you how important they are. With a couple of cameras, you can make sure no one ever lies about you crashing into them or causing an accident. Instead, you can guarantee that you always have a completely accurate account of what’s happened on the roads. The best part is that these little devices are completely affordable and will no longer cost a few thousand.

Hands-Free With A Touch Screen

I don’t know about you, but I’m always tempted to answer my phone when I’m driving. It could be important, couldn’t it? It could be your next job offer or a girl you’ve been flirting with calling up to arrange a date. Of course, answering the phone will ruin the good news when you accidentally crash into the car in front. So, why not invest in a new touch screen radio. A full list can be found here for anyone interested. With a touch radio, you can always answer your phone, change the station or put on some music without getting distracted. Prices do vary from Car Play which will cost five hundred to a more basic system as low as fifty. Either way, it will make the front dashboard of your car look futuristic cool and easy to use.

Automated Control

This isn’t something you can exactly buy as an add-on. Instead, you’ll need to look for a car that has it included. At the moment, it’s only high-end vehicles that have this feature but give it time. Eventually, every car that you can buy will have the potential to control itself. Whether or not you’ll be brave enough to use that possibility is another matter entirely of course. After all, the self-driving car industry has been riddled with stories of them crashing.

Blast The Beat

Finally, I like to think of my car as half vehicle, half portable disco. You can drive around blasting your favourite tunes at concert volume levels. Well, you can if you have a great speaker system. If you don’t, it will just sound like a blur of incomprehensible noise. Speakers are another tech add on with varied prices. But even a basic kit will make your music sound fantastic.




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