Top Three Ways in Which Education Can Advance Your Career

Here’s something that doesn’t occur to the majority of people trapped in their nine-to-five grind – it IS possible to progress in your career.

You might have to leave your current job, you’ll definitely have to take a few risks, but it can be done.

To prove our point, here are three ideal ways in which jumping on the education train can push your career in exciting new directions.

1. Enroll for a university degree

For most people over the age of 20 or 21, enrolling in university might not feel like a realistic option. Unless you’re still living at home and are financially dependent on parents or guardians, you’ll have a ton of things to pay for, leaving you with less disposable income than a Big Issue seller.
But if you’re still young enough or can afford financially to put yourself through a degree programme then it’s a great way to become employed in a higher position within an organisation.

Research from Leeds University has also indicated that the number of students choosing to go to university because of the lifestyle and other reasons outside of the course itself has increased.

Despite your earning potential increasing after completing your degree, consider the Everest-sized mountain of debt you’re going to graduate with, all while other young people have been earning a respectable wage completing an apprenticeship.

2. Apply for an apprenticeship role

An apprenticeship can be a great way to earn money while completing a qualification part-time at a local college or university of your choice.

For some people, gaining hands-on experience in a real working environment may be more valuable for their chosen career path than investing time and money into a degree system that may not work for them.

It could be argued that, aside from certain fields such as medicine or dentistry, degrees don’t provide the necessary experience of a working environment offered by an apprenticeship.

Experience of a job displays to potential employers that you’ve got the chutzpah to work in a high-pressure environment. So, in this sense it could be argued that not enough young people undertake apprenticeship courses.

3. Distance learning degrees

A distance learning degree can be viewed as a happy medium to the above two options for a number of reasons. Many universities offer online degree courses that can be completed from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you like. In a word, it’s flexible.

The freedom to choose when and how you learn the degree is up to you. This may be a particularly viable choice for someone balancing a full-time job and family commitments, but wants to study a degree to help further their career.

While isolation is certainly a factor to consider, you also have the benefit of saving on travel costs to and from university and some online courses do offer a small amount of in class time. So feeling left out isn’t an issue.

Can you think of any learning opportunities that we’ve missed out? Then let us know in the comments below.



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3 comments on “Top Three Ways in Which Education Can Advance Your Career”

  1. Believe me, thanks to online learning, I completely changed my life.

    I used to work in a car salesman, but this work did not bring me pleasure. I realized that the future is on the Internet and I need to learn something from there. So I signed up for online courses and began to study web design. Yes, it was difficult for me and I didn’t have enough time to even talk to my mother, but I quickly studied and then began taking orders for the weekend. Then orders became too much and I quit my job.

    In my life it turned out that my education did not help me in life, but my visits to art school in childhood helped.
    But there are those guys, who study at the university for a specialty that they like and do not have time to write all the essays, reports and homeworks. For these students there is a special service that solves all these problems and give a sense of liberation.


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