Top Lessons We Can Learn From Sole Seriouss’ Success in Sneakers, Streetwear, and Collectibles

Few things are more satisfying than getting a great deal on something you love. If that includes high-quality sneakers, hot and new streetwear, and the coolest collectibles, then all the better! Sole Seriouss has become one of the most popular marketplaces with an ever-growing catalog of popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Supreme, KITH, Medicom, LEGO, and more. Sole Seriouss began as a hobby for a group of sneakerheads and later evolved into sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles selling brands with a global clientele.

Today, the brand is leading the charge in innovation, stellar customer service, and super-efficient delivery. With a supportive base of over 400K and growing followers on Instagram, Sole Seriouss has established itself as the go-to destination for consumers with no intention of slowing down. Over the last ten years, Sole Seriouss has consistently expanded and become a favorite among celebrities and other fashionistas, some of which include Brian Wilson, LiAngelo Ball, Nelly, and more. However, the path has not been without its challenges.

Breaking through into an industry previously dominated by big brands is no easy feat, as the Sole Seriouss team discovered. Despite having some experience in the industry before officially going into business, no one prepared the team for the obstacles of becoming business owners. They experienced many teething problems trying to get the business off the ground during the early days, almost paralyzing its growth. For example, gaining recognition and growing a client base required effort, dedication, and patience.

Over the years, other events have made the team reconsider things, but Sole Seriouss continues to persevere. The team credits this to resilience and persistence, values that continue to push Sole Seriouss’s success to this day. That’s the advice the team gives other entrepreneurs feeling stuck in business. “It’s easy to quit when things get tough, but it’s at those moments when staying focused on the big picture matters the most, and getting through things may seem impossible, but the effort will be worth it.” says the Sole Seriouss leadership.

Sole Seriouss’s persistence enabled the team to conduct research, implement it, and innovate. That’s how they launched one of the most user-friendly sneaker apps, created an unmatched customer service strategy, and built trust with their clientele. Sole Seriouss recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of being an active online shop, crossed the 400K follower milestone on Instagram, and has continued to expand by the day. Sole Seriouss has also done business with other sneaker influencers and companies like SneakerCon, eBay, Amazon, JumpermanKris, and Romy. From Sole Seriouss’s experience, authenticity is the main pillar of success. From the get-go, Sole Seriouss wanted to create a reputable and long-lasting brand renowned for high-quality, authentic products. Sole Seriouss does not let through any replicas or non-legitimate merchandise; all inventory is kept on-site, authenticated, and tagged by highly trained experts before hitting the company’s website and app. The Sole Seriouss team recognizes that authenticity in the sneaker community is a deal-breaker every time. For that reason, it will always remain the main focus for Sole Seriouss. They hope to expand and offer their impeccable services in other locations worldwide, more categories, and upcoming brands.




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