Top 3 Benefits of Owning a Lawn Tractor

Without question, most men love taking care of their lawn. If you are looking to move up from a walk-behind mower there are some key benefits that come with more powerful riding mowers, and lawn tractors are the most versatile type. If you’re serious about lawn care and want the best of the best, lawn tractors are a great option to take your lawn care to the next level. Here are the top three benefits of owning and operating a lawn tractor.


High-quality lawn tractors are designed for ultimate comfort and can be operated with minimal effort, thanks to their powerful engine and car-like design. They are not only faster, but can also alleviate some of the physical effort that comes with operating a traditional push mower. Operating heavy push mowers regularly can lead to back pain, as the muscles on your lower back get tired and strained. This also means you will likely be taking more breaks to relax the body, making the job inevitably slower, or worse, neglected. If you already suffer from back pain, a lawn tractor or other type of riding mower will let you get a big job done with ease in a fraction of the time.

Power and Size

Lawn tractors are best for people who have a large area to mow. There’s no reason to graduate to one if you feel that your push mower is not too physically demanding and does the job well for a smaller yard. That said, if your yard is larger than a 1/4 acre, a lawn tractor will make the job so much easier. Lawn tractors have powerful engines and large cutting decks that allow you to mow your yard more quickly and consistently than push mowers, while still providing great control on speed and maneuverability for a safe ride. Additionally, lawn tractors with more powerful engines allow you to attach a wide range of accessories, bringing us to their third benefit.


Owning a lawn tractor can not only help you get mowing jobs done faster, but also gives you versatility to do things like hauling gardening supplies, snow removal or lawn sweeping. When it comes to lawn tractors, there is a wide variety of accessories available to tackle more yard tasks. Lawn tractors can have both front and back attachments, and can have powered attachments. A good example of a powered attachment is a snowblower. For those places with heavy snowfalls during the winter, investing in a lawn tractor can save you money and storage space if you choose to add a snow thrower or snow plow attachment. What’s more, lawn tractors can also help you move tools, soil and other objects if you add a utility cart to it, making it easy for you to complete more gardening projects. These are only a few of the dozens of accessories available for lawn tractors that can help you step up your gardening game.

So, should you get a lawn tractor? If your yard calls for it, and you value comfort, power and versatility, a lawn tractor may be the perfect machine for you. There are many resources online like Cub Cadet’s Ultimate Lawn Tractor Guide that can help you understand more about lawn tractors and their differences with other lawn mowing machines. If you’re looking for more information then reach out to your local dealership and they’ll be happy to help guide you in making the right decision for your needs.



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