Tips for Creating a Classy Man Cave

Are you looking to create a man cave but the typical sports-themed man cave isn’t really your style? How about a classy man cave, meant for guys with discerning taste and an appreciation of the good life? Not only can you create this exact kind of look, it’s also relatively easy once you get going. Here are some tips you can use as you work to put together the ultimate classy man cave.

Opt for Rich Colors and Textures

As you start the process it’s always a good idea to begin with the walls. When going for a classy man cave, rich colors and textures are usually the best bet. A wallpaper feature wall, or all four walls done in wallpaper can create that perfect vibe. As for the colors, think rich tones of red, gold, brown, and green, and you can never go wrong with black.

Include Shelving to Display Collections/Décor

In order to help create the vibe of a class man cave you’ll need décor elements. Because man caves don’t tend to have a lot of space you may want to consider installing shelving on the walls to display various items. Floating shelves are an excellent option when you want something sleek and out of the way. If you plan on using the items on the shelves, make sure to place them at an accessible height.

These shelves are ideal for displaying prized collections too. Maybe you collect rare looking Hookahs, perhaps you’re into antique toys, or maybe you’ve got a collection of vintage cameras. Shelving makes for the perfect place to display your most prized items.

A Games Table

Just because you aren’t into sports, doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy games. Creating a games table in your man cave will provide the perfect place for you and your buddies to hang out and have fun. You may want to create a poker table, or even a table for an intense game of chess – whatever interests you.

When shopping for a table to use, rich wood tones will fit the bill nicely. You should also look for large comfortable chairs featuring leather, suede, wood, and other luxurious fabrics.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

While plenty of focus is paid to the furniture and wall color, often people forget how important lighting is in a space. It can literally set the tone of the entire room. The lighting should be a reflection of the décor items in the room. For example, if you’ve got a lot of vintage pieces in the space, then you will probably want to stick to vintage style lighting.
Pendant lighting tends to be a very popular option in man caves as you can adjust the height of the pendants and allow them to act as a focal point in the space. Not only that, they also act as task lighting.

The Man Cave of Your Dreams

Through a combination of imagination and vision you’ll be able to create the ultimate classy man cave that your friends and you can enjoy for many years to come.



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